Keyless entry systems vulnerable to high-tech car thieves pretty interesting read. even if they dont steal your car its a easy way for them to get in and take all your stuff

I’m more worried about a brick through my window for a smash and grab.

this makes it so it can be done durring the day with no question bc everyone around will just think the theif is the owner of the car.

Seems like a nonsense scare article typical of ratings based news to me. Yes, it can be done but it’s hardly practical considering it just gets you in the car but does nothing to bypass the smartkey systems. Setting up hundreds of dollars of equipment and multiple antennas just to steal some cd’s and the coins in my change tray isn’t a good RIO, especially when you can gain access just as fast with the free rock you found on the ground.

gps units, laptops, camers, etc. Lots of things people leave in their car surprisingly.



This is used more in europe where most cars start by button. So when you get the code you can just unlock the door and start the car and leave.

leave until you get how far? eventually he repeater can only go so far until you would be dead in the water, no?

I find it hard to believe that a cheap garage door opener does encryption but a car key system doesn’t

dude the fob only starts the car. any car with a push button start only needs the fob to start the car… after the car is on the fob is of no use. i could drive a car from here to florida as long as the car is never turned off

it does encryption, but they’re not dealing with that, they’re just reading in the signal on one end, then pumping it out on the other. Man-in-the-middle type attack. They’re just extending the distance so that once the owner is out of sight, they can take off with the car.

What im saying is most garage door openers increment their key by some random value each time.

So once you record the keyfob playing it back would be useless the car would be expecting the next key.

I was making the assumption that most modern encryption systems use some sort of key exchange anyways.

I’m 99% sure keyless pushbutton start systems are still using the same transponder smart chips that jump codes each time the car starts. Simply grabbing the high frequency RF for the unlock still does you no good in starting the car.

I love how they mention no form of cryptology can prevent this…

If this was the case you intercept electronic signals on a wire and play them back and make encryption useless on networks and this isn’t the case.

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JayS time to draw up a business plan! we can fix this!

These systems are designed to deter theft and break-ins. The absence of a metal key makes life a lot harder for car thieves. Offers Ryder: “[Mercedes-Benz has] the industry’s first fully electronic ignition key system, [and] there is no metal key that could be illegally copied [copies can only be made at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership]. It’s nearly impossible to unlock the steering column or start the engine without the owner’s remote unit.”

And the engine won’t respond to a signal from just any old key fob. Dave Buchko, BMW product communications manager, explains: “Each key contains a chip with an ID code that the car must recognize. In addition, there is a random code that each key receives when the engine is shut off. The vehicle will read and match both codes. If the car cannot match the ID code to the last random code sent to the key in question, it won’t start.”

As I suspected, the code for the ignition is far more robust than the lock/unlock. You can steal the code to get into the car but you’re still not going anywhere, regardless of key or push button ignition. So yeah, I hope crooks do this. I’d much rather have them electronically hack into my car to find I’m not dumb enough to keep anything of value there as opposed to them smashing the window.

yeah I see what you’re saying now

when i did valet some of the corvetts and cts’s could be restarted even though the customer was in one of the surounding reastraunts of they forgot to give us the Fob. some have a pretty decent range on them

Just get the wiring diagram, and you can bypass pretty much any security :tup:

doubtfull lol, its not like you can cross a few wires and start it up

I can do it on a 2006 Evo and a 2001 Neon, both with security modules and specific keys, no problem, I am sure I can do it on a lot of cars as well, given the time and documentation. The security modules usually stop the ignition, fuel, spark, or a combination of them all.

Old cars were easy (pre-2000), you could just smash off the lock cylinder, and start them with a large flat-head screwdriver.