Keyless entry systems vulnerable to high-tech car thieves

I actually saw a life demo of this about a year or two ago. It was pretty cool to see a guy randomly open his car’s doors and start it with a laptop.

Seems like a good spot for this. Encryption doesn’t help if you don’t lock your damn doors. And if your mirrors don’t fold in, maybe do it manually.

Since his two cars have been stolen, Cosentino has made some changes. He’s stopped parking his cars in his driveway and instead keeps them in his garage. He’s purchased more guns. He’s also in the process of installing a fence around his home.*

*“And obviously,” he said, “I would never leave the key [fob] in the car anymore.”

The part about them watching the mirrors to tell if a car is unlocked is pretty interesting. The auto-fold mirrors are basically a giant light up sign that says, “Hey, my car is sitting here unlocked, come on in”.

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