kingsario > so called "American Muscle"

Cruising down Road XXX there was a car cruising up behind me rather quickly so I change lanes to let the speeder cruise by. The car pull next to me and starts to throw rev’s. It was a Cadillac STS with some dude driving, his girl riding shoty, and some younger kidd in the back seat. I was like WTF I not going to waste my time with this retard. I ignored the revs, but he starts to taughnt me hardcore. Me and Mrsmith start laughing our ass’s off :lol: , smith start pointing and laughing at the kidd like he forgot the lines in a school play. He floors it full throttle and throws tons of blue smoke out.

We end up meeting at a light. I yell out “Is that thing supposed to be fast or something?” he looks at me and says confidently, “yeah!”. Me and smith start the laughing again. He didn’t like that at all, so the kidd in the back seat yells “yeah its fast its American Muscle!”…ok… Light turns green and we start to roll he floors it and I lay 1/2 throttle into it and pull by him waving :wave: . He pulls beside me as we are laughing our ass’s off like “what happened ?” He proceeds to take off full throttle. I follow him till we get to a wide open street, I ride his ass while the kidd in the back seat is yelling shit to the driver. He floors it again. Me and Smith is still laughing mind you. I floor it and as we pass him we both start :wave: at him. The entire time laughing our ass’s off, his girl was laughing at him to0. :lol: I slow down and give him the :gotme: look he floors it again goes through a red light and turns full speed on the next turn. I guess he didn’t wanna talk about it. He sure didn’t think that was going to happen.

ever laugh so hard your thoat went dry ? lol

:lol: nice man

Haha. That’s awesome man.

good kill :slight_smile:

haha gotta love beating ignorant people like that! I’m sure hes beat other civics that happen to be closer to stock though and of course had no problem beating them I would have to guess…

mm STS those are really nice cars, nice to see someone out havin fun with one, :tup: to him

good kill, the guys face was probably priceless when you kept walkin him

bah, old mans car:roll:


outstanding kill :slight_smile:

good kill lol

Hhahahha!! Nice Russ…

Awesome :slight_smile: LOL

ahahah best kill story in a while


sucks it wasnt a CTS V, might of been a better race

not bad

Better race, yes. close race, no.:tspry:

haha, sure I would take an XLR or CTS-V if I went caddy, but their whole lineup is nice now