Know any good body shops for rust repair?

Apparently my rear wheel well and under body are too rusted to pass safety so I need a place that can cut and weld in new metal under there. Any recommendations?

Mississauga area if possible.


The guy I use is roman hes amasing and will come to your house and do the rust repair there. hes done my sil80 and my boys s14. rust repair was done on both and paint done on the other. 1 705 427 4300. tell him brendon sent you. trust me this is the guy you want putting metal on your whip. he is an artist with a welder. come check out my whip if you want a refrence job

Are you serious? Just visit another shop. Try the finch and milvan area, there’s like 20 shops hurting for business.

I’ve seen people use newspaper and resin, cured and painted to pass safety… just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

All the safety guys are looking for is holes into the cabin, if you have holes, exhaust can get in, all exterior holes below the window sill have to be sealed — if you’re in a jamb, buy some aluminum sheet and rivets, drill and pop your way to your happy place, spray with tar based undercoating after, add fire for extra fun times


Hey, I ended up just taking it to a welder… well see how it turns out. :S

keep us updated. I’m curious to see the end results

Spray foam is for bumper repair!

I know some people use stickers,
hit Martino he may hook you up with some

Ok, let’s see here… we got:

-newspaper & resin
-sheet metal and rivets
-HELLA TUFF stickers

Damn, guys we should totally think of starting a son240sx body shop we definitely got all the bases covered here :wink:

+1 on the hella tuff stickers I have a bunch covering my beat to shit mismatched fender :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got my car back from the shop. They managed to patch the wheel well holes and rocker panels appear to be fixed nicely (hopefully no more brown 11 on the driveway…).
This thing better be able to get safetied now! Spending money on restoration kinda sucks, I won’t have much leftover for fun mods… but I didn’t have it in me to scrap this car so soon.

Pics below:

how much did it end up costing you?

^ + 1

Let’s just say I would have rather had some new mid-range coilovers instead -__-
Or rims and tires.

ok so… 1 - 1.5K? sounds about right for quality work. what was the to do list for that price?

sorry im being nosy, i gotta get some stuff done on my car too

-rocker panels
-holes in wheel wells
-hole in rear quarter panel

how did it turn out? Which welder did you use?