L47/Aurora 4.0L powered Fiero.


Looks amazing I love this thing


Hah. I love the enthusiasm. I’m definitely getting excited to drive it again.

Oh, and I’ll need to grab another set of these, I suppose.



Trying a itb set up?!!!


I’m not the first to do it, even. Here’s a shitty video of another Fiero guy’s handiwork like a decade ago, but you can definitely hear the potential. Just imagine what that motor would do with a ~20lb. flywheel/clutch package on it. Chills.


Right now, the GM computer I’m using leverages a MAF/Speed Density hybrid program to control fueling. I could either build an airbox and put a MAF in front of it, or I could disable the MAF in the program and go SD only with velocity stacks. For the next two seasons [at least] I’ll be N/A, so I’m thinking velocity stacks and no MAF. If I actually do decide to go with a turbo, I can fab up an airbox and put the MAF in it if necessary. I’m 98% sure the GM computer will work, but I suppose a MegaSquirt is always an option. Either way, I’ll need to have it tuned.

ITBs are fucking rad.


You must really hate driving this car then.


I have a spare block and heads with which to mock it up and install when I’m ready. Not really planning on installing the ITBs from the get. Only when I’m ready. An intake swap on this car doesn’t even take an hour with the engine in the car.


You know what I’m going to be doing today on this BEAUTIFUL day that you could also be doing too if you stopped fucking around with this nonsense? Riding a motorcycle.




Well. Not exactly. I’ve got a bit more work to do than just adjusting the carbs or similar. Even if I keep working on the Triumph, I doubt I would finish it by September. I don’t even have the Cognito parts that I ordered three fucking months ago and Devin keeps feeding me bull about why my shit’s still not done. If I had known his operation was so problematic, I would have gone elsewhere.

If I want a toy this summer, it’s really got to be the Fiero.


Your the second person in the past week i’ve heard bash Cognito. Good to know.


He never even told me when my parts would be done. I’ve asked him like three times. I mean, they’re sort of off-the-shelf parts, so I didn’t think it would take forever. Program the CNC and press ‘GO’. Roughly six weeks after I placed my order, I asked him for a status update and was told that everything was ready except the stem for my triples, because “my lathe guy is out this week.” That was March 2. I never hear another word. So on April 11, I e-mail him again asking about my stem. He responds a few days later with “He’s working on it now.” So I ask him for like the third time when he expects everything to be done and ready to ship and he said “the next day or two” after he gave me some shit about finishing up some custom hubs for people that had ordered them in November. That was a week ago. Still nothing.

I don’t care if I gave him $20 or $20,000. That’s a fucking shitty way to run a business. If you forgot about me, tell me. Give me a small discount and apologize profusely. Something to make me not resent your company.

I will not be a return customer nor a source of positive referrals.


I’m glad i’ve sourced my triples second hand :snky:


Hah. Yea, you are. I always thought it was just me or my luck that caused vendors to blow me off, like the stud asshole I had to deal with last summer.

Curious, what was the other person’s complaint about Cognito? Communication/time? I’ll be happy if the parts are awesome. I just won’t ever be back. Hah.


It was just a general grievance. He’s on here though so maybe he’ll chime in w/details if he catches this . I hear great things about the parts however and I am very happy with what i’ll be unpacking on Friday. :snky:


Walk you lenky ass around the corner, say high to Jr, answer his endless questions, and take one of mine.


Don’t even get Nick or Newman started on Cognito lol. But ya, I agree and I’ve spent thousands there. Not impressed with the guy or service.


I really wish I would have polled the crowd before I tossed a few grand his way. Oh well. Live and learn. Like I said, if the parts show up and they’re great; I’ll be pleased. I don’t even mind that it’s been three months. Just keep me updated. Don’t make me beg for my parts.

Having said that, I’m waiting on my clutch to even ship. It’s been 16 days and I haven’t heard anything from Summit or Tilton. Not sure if I should expect an update from either before it shows up at my doorstep. I’ll probably have time to address the flywheel next week, and then I’ll just need to assemble/reseal everything.

Looked at a house this afternoon. It comes with this.


…and I don’t mean the Dodge.


Sweet! Use the Dodge to tow the Fiero to the junk yard and work on the bike in the shop


@L47 you seem to have terrible luck with ordering parts! ha


Hah! I said not the fuckin’ Mopar.

So it isn’t just me. Oh well. Summit claims that the “Estimated Ship Date” if ordered today is May 15, so that’s a ~17-day lead time. Theoretically, that would bring my April 12 order to April 29 ship date. So, tomorrow. Maybe it’ll ship next week if it hasn’t already? Fuck. It’s 2017. You can track a pizza at Pizza Slut all the way from some schmo assembling it to them baking it and delivering it; but I can’t even get an update on the status of thousands of dollars worth of custom motorcycle parts and an off-the-shelf clutch from two different companies?