L47/Aurora 4.0L powered Fiero.


I see photos, so it must be good. Is this thing fucking done yet? Holy shit you’re lazy :smiley:

Keep it up!!! I’m excited!! Today is the big day!!


Hit one of the red and blue A/A buttons on the tool bar during the edit. It will show the text instead of the missing images.

That should do it


Thanks! That did help, although the site crashes when I try to save my edits. I think it’s a glitch with my web browser or something and not the site, though, as it seems to work okay from my phone. It’s a bit of a pain in the dick because it’s a phone and not a MacBook, but at least it works. Hah. Alright. I’ll spend a few minutes fixing pictures and then I’m heading over to the shop.

EDIT: WTF? Neither Chrome nor Safari will even load the site on my MacBook, and when the site will load, it’s kinda broken. Like, I can’t properly format posting a YouTube video and I cannot edit old posts. If I’m on the WiFi with my phone, it won’t load the site either. Turn the WiFi off, the site loads and everything works. I’m so confused.


Looks like I got everything fixed.

I deleted all of my albums and actual content from Photobucket. I did leave them this little gem, though. Hope they enjoy it.

Heading over in a few. Should be able to fire it today.


It works.

Except for that pesky clamp on the coolant hose that I forgot to tighten. My bad.

Pops came to the rescue with a flathead and a half gallon of 50/50. Somehow that’s all it lost. I shut it down immediately when I saw the smoke billowing from hitting the hot exhaust. Frankly, I couldn’t see a damn thing. I was lucky there was a road right there to turn onto.

Brakes are still soft. I need to re-bleed them and get some more seat time in checking for bugs and such. Hopefully tomorrow. Seems to run okay and the clutch works pretty well. It’s not much stiffer than the previous setup, but it’s a bit less forgiving. I stalled it like twice trying to get out of the driveway. Hah.


Sweet I’m in eden right now at my in laws I want to see this beast


Nice work. The photo bucket thing is surprising! I’ve used it forever and when I log on to my computer it has so many ads it’s unbelievable! What do people use now?


Shit. I closed up shop about 5 minutes before you posted that. You’ll see it. I’m not breaking it this time.

I’ve heard tumblr, flick and imgur are all good [free] choices. Personally, I’m not trusting another internet company to not screw me, so I’m self-hosting. I’ve owned a domain for a number of years now, so I decided to utilize it. It’s a pretty basic Apache configuration with essentially a blank homepage. I transfer the photos from my phone via FTP over SSH to my ./images/fieropics folder and that’s it. Just need to type in the URL and the image appears.

The only thing im concerned about is bandwidth. I should set up a meter in pfSense.


Nice man, you got this thing running in probably world record time for a home enthusiast (a shop wouldn’t have a choice) after facing the biggest set back possible aside from the car starting on fire. Most people including myself would have parted it out or looked at it a year from now. Hope this bitch runs forever.


I was actually disappointed that it took me from early April until now to do all of this, but then I thought about it. That means it took me just shy of three months to go from the old garbage motor to current. That includes tearing the new motor completely down and reassembling with all new seals plus drilling and tapping for the studs. That also includes a new set of fabbed fuel rails, all of the engineering/machining for the new clutch and waiting three weeks just for the damn thing to show up. Also included some other stuff too, like the new batt’ry, ECM repair, transmission case reseal and a handful of cleanup items. Actually a lot of work for only being able to work on it 10-12 hours a week.

Fortunately for my motivation to keep it and keep it going; it isn’t worth anything. I suppose I’ve got a fair collection of parts on it that might be worth a buck or two, but I’d be losing a pretty good chunk of change to give up on it. I was planning on shelving it for a year while I worked on the Triumph, but we all see how that worked out. That’s definitely this winter’s project. It’s not the car’s fault I broke it last year. That was all me. Hah.

I’ve got some more projects in store for it in the next couple years, mainly a hub/brake/wheel swap and turbo.

It’s pretty much stuck with me.


Well keep it up! Also saw this on CL. Not that you’d want it but seems like a really good rust free deal that apparently just needs a motor.



Thats a screaming deal.


Sure is. That car is pretty pristine. $600 and it just needs a motor? Hmm.


I need more than a 3 car garage. I’d just buy it and leave it in the corner till I was ready to do my first ever LS1 swap.

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Actually just messaged him, my parents have an extra bay. I’m gonna see if I can scoop that up.


Hurry up before I do something stupid. :slight_smile:


Sale pending to some asshole, probably @ultradriver10000


Hah. If only I were moved into the new shop. I’ll give whoever bought it a grand in two months.

I put ~20 miles on it today. Didn’t get above 195° on my dash gauge, oil and fuel pressures were solid the entire time. Minimum oil pressure of 15-20lb at idle with 15w40 and upwards of 70lb at 4,000+. I forgot to make sure fuel pressure went up when I stab the throttle, but I’ll check that next time I play with it. Seems to work okay. I need to clean it up and bring it out before I break it again.


What was it?


An '87 Fiero GT with a rod knock for $600.


Sounds awful