Lancaster Speedway Can't Catch A Break ('18 Last Year?)


That’s the point I came in here to make. They are idiots for knowingly building and/or moving into a home that was in close proximity to a pre-existing race track.

Complaint null and void.

I don’t get a chance to get out there very much any more, but would be down for going and laughing in their faces in support of the track…


I’ll be there. Possibly put together an event sign up sheet? Josh?


People did the same shit to the gun club on Maple Rd moved in across the street then complained about it.


Signed the petition


They probably paid less for their house too knowing it was near a race track.
I can hear the dyno at jancen from my house and it’s pretty far away. Most people think it’s cool. Some people are just pieces of shit.


What event was on September 27th ?


^^good catch.

technically Friday September 26 was the big drag night that the flyer is referring to.

I signed the petition and shared on facebook. I would go to the meeting but I’ll be in Vegas for Autodesk University that week.


I asked myself this same question.


I can’t make it then. :frowning:

And yeah, don’t do anything stupid to hurt the track… like the kid who worked at Dunnville doing a massive burnout in front of someone’s house.


Is it illegal to look up public info on where these people live, set up a cruise night on the streets of their block. It’s legal to park on the sides of streets, correct? lol
I may be wrong on if that is legal.





Are these the same people that complain about trains near their house too?


Those complaints are over the trains going apeshit on their horn at like 1am. The trains never honked that way prior, not until residents complained about them leaving trains carrying rotting garbage on the track for extended periods of time.


Dummies to build houses near the race track.

I live a mile from a major train track in Hutto TX.

I hear the train horns out my bedroom window when it is open. I kinda like it.


I grew up with a train track in my back yard, doesn’t phase me much personally. As for the track…I love hearing the motors going nuts at night. Too bad it’s such a short season. 8/




notice who signed - :fu:QUIET DOWN


Not trolling in a manor to help the track, but anonymously to make their life more difficult in receiving additional jacka$$s trying to help a stupid cause. In a way, still helping.

Hope it works out for the track.


I have to deal with some health issues with my mother in law. Won’t be able to make it tonight. Not rally happy about that. Hope others are going and would like to hear about it.