Lancaster Speedway Can't Catch A Break ('18 Last Year?)


Well, there was no gunfire so I don’t really see the big deal. Get enough people together in one place, add some really hot weather, and Shazam…this tends to happen.


Fixed :neutral_face:


Bruise night?

That looks like at least s 2x6. Lol


This could have gone under People of Cruise Night. lol

This place is such a shit show. Rotted out WNY stock cars and trucks. A little bit of real life teen mom. Some hot head country douchebags letting their inner bro out. I know I’m missing a few things.



And @Mr_New_York thought he had problems, lol:

“Someone put sugar in a driver’s gas tank. One driver spun out gravel on other cars,”


“one person wielding a 2-by-6”

This man’s got an eye for wood! :ok_hand:


A real shame, hopefully this gets sorted out. I can’t imagine Lancaster is going to let this continue too much longer like this


They had no problem letting the shit show go until it hit the news. Now they have to do something about it. There were videos last year of fights there but those videos never made it to the headline page on WGRZ and The Buffalo News.


According to my friend, who is there white often, Thunderdome Cruise Night is over. They now only offer grudge match on an unprepped track for $20 unlimited. Guess the head honcho was at the road last night turning people away. Nice job asshats.


Good people with shitty beaters/trucks were parking inside the track causing issues.

It’s also a better value at $20 for unlimited runs vs $5 for each run.


I can’t see a downside to this. I might actually start going again.

I stopped going after the one time I went to walk around and came back to two people sitting on my hood.


There’d be two bloody and unconscious people lying on the ground next to my front wheels.


I think the problem was letting everyone and anyone into the inner loop. If they would have kept the shit outside and actually monitored what came in and turned away some pos cars, I feel the crap wouldn’t have got this big. Charging people I feel is going to keep a good amount away. Not everyone showed up to run their cars that actually were in to cars. Some just want to show what they have.


the problem with that is, it was never meant to be a car show, it was for grudge racing, i’m pretty sure thats what it always was. people got away from that when they found out you could get in with a 90’s rusty GM with pep boys wheels. imo they should charge people just to get in, that would cut down on 99% of the stupidity. people are less inclined to act like a moron if there is any amount of money on the line, especially low lifes like 50% of that show the last few years


That sucks


Moved your post here.

I’m sure the bad publicity over the summer didn’t help. But at this point I’m not sure if I’ll really miss it.


Whoever buys it should extend it to 1/4.


That will NEVER happen. No way the town would approve it and besides that if you look at the length you need for a safe shutdown extending the track at Lancaster would have it crossing Wehrle drive. Looking at Google Maps Empire is over 4200’ from start line to the end of the sand trap. From the start line at Lancaster if you measure through the woods straight to Wehrle it’s is just 3300’.


^ Where the track would end if it was 1/4 mile with a shutdown.