LC-1 XD-16 Standalone But I want Datalogging


I currently have the LC-1 /XD-16 standalone that I got for a damn good deal. I understand that I can not log RPM with it.
And I havent installed it yet because Im going to need to get an OT-1 or SSI-4 so I can log RPM with the AFR.

I dont know which route to take, OT-1 or SSI-4. from the sounds of it the OT-1 just plugs into the OBD2 port on your vehicle then from that module you plug it into the laptop. seems like you have to set what you want it to log from logworks or LMprogrammer and its that simply.
I really dont want to worry about wiring up even more stuff with the SSI-4.

so does anyone use the OT-1 or Innovate products to log their data?



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I do use several Innovate products including the LC-1 and several SSI-4’s. What’s you question specifically? Sounds like you have an understanding of what they do already. I’m not familiar with the OT1 so I can’t help you there. I’m waiting on delivery on the new LM-2 which in my opinion is the only way to go for true OBD2 datalogging. But that’s not what you asked…



when I install the LC-1 and XD-16 I can log AFR from the gauge or on a laptop.

what I want to do is be able to log RPM with AFR on the laptop so I can see where I need to adjust.
I know an SSI-4 is alot more wiring and I really dont understand the instrutions telling me where to ground the wire for the rpm signal.

from the sounds of it the OT-1 just simply plugs into the OBDII port and then from that module into the laptop. you set it up and you can log rpm,tps,temp, etc etc.
OT-1 seems easy, but I dont know how acturate it is because rpm signal goes to ecu then OBDII port, to the OT-1

SSI-4 seems like it would be more acturate because your going right off the rpm signal wire, but its even more wiring

just wondering if anyone uses the SSI-4 or OT-1. and what I’d be better of going with






Sounds like the OT1 is the best choice for you without question. If you are struggling with identifying the wiring for the rpm signal you will most likely never use the other features of the ssi-4 that would make you want to consider that option.



ya basically all I want and need is RPM and AFR on the same screen. TPS, TEMP, MAP would just be a bonus



You are more than welcome to stop by and try one of my ssi-4’s at no charge if you want. However, for the price and what you are trying to accomplish I recommend going with the OT1. If you need a hand setting up the Logworks software I would be glad to help you out.



ya I may need a hand setting it up ( I dont know what they mean by 0.5 voltage and setting up values and shit), and getting crash course on it.

Im just wondering what would be more acturate, OT-1 or SSI-4
Hell! if I get either or, when I want to tune I could just take my wheels off, set the car on blocks, and do a pull in 4th gear to tune my fuel



That’s 0-5 volts. Most modern sensors (not all) provide a 0-5 volt signal to the ECU/PCM. Like I said before, buy the OT1 the rpm reading will be accurate enough (I believe it samples 12 times a second). As for jacking up your car and doing a 4th gear pull you should really think about spending the money on some dyno time and we’ll give you a rpm/af printout and copy it to your jump drive if you like. For $149+shipping of the OT1 you could do a few different dyno sessions and actually get alot more info…



ya I may go foe the OT-1.

of course, when I want to tune the fuel for power I’ll be going to a dyno. plus the only way for me to tune the cam gears would be on a dyno. I just want data logging in the car to keep things stable.



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I have the SSI-4 that I use for logging in my Capri. I went this way because I got a AEM wideband instead of the Innovate stuff. The nice thing about the SSI-4 is the ability to log a number of things, sometimes as needed. I use CH1 - RPM, CH2 - WBO2, CH3 - GM 3 bar MAP, and then I flip between MAF volt and TPS for channel 4. I have on occasion grabbed another input to troubleshoot (VAT, NB02, ETC).

For the money, it;s hard to beat the SSI-4 IMO. you just have to accept the limitations for what it is. If you really want to step up, look into the AuxBox :wink:

Bob Myers



ya. both SSI-4 and OT-1 are nice but Im kinda leaning towards the OT-1 because it sounds like all I have to do is plug it in, unlike the SSI-4 that I would have to wire in and spend even more time hiding wires. cuz I hate wires



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