lol blackberry

I thought this was a joke until I googled it.

This’ll save BB!

it’s like watching a deer that was hit by a car and it hobbling around… will somebody just shoot it already.

time to part it out


I love the slice of cheese on the screen, lol.

Thanks. I was wondering what that was.

I’m fucking dying over that. Shall I post cheese girls posing on cars as a reference to its hilarity?

Tell you something, the day I decommissioned the BES server at work was a good day for me.

Those blackberrys were a piece of dogshit.

I still wanna know who is claiming these things have a world renowned email client. I can name 10 in the app store.

A guy I work with is super loyal to Microsoft and to BlackBerry. We just switched to Verizon for work phones, and he was disappointed we told him he couldn’t have a blackberry.

I hate the stigma that BlackBerrys are soooo gd secure. My work will only use them.

People that use blackberry phones are usually a bit off.

The same people who fly kites, and collect trains. I bet the amp’d up train guy has a BB.

BBM is very secure…

Idk about anything else nobody uses them.

They are secure cause who the fuck cares.

*- if you are not given one by work.

I have a work one, all I use it for is conference calls and as a mobile hotspot for my iphone.

They offered me $35 a month for installing Good for enterprise app or a getting a BB. I took the $35 and more people are doing the same.