lol. is this a deal breaker?

Is this the girl I am thinking of?


Not surprised to see that reply from a meathead like yourself :headbang:

Fuzzy- decent reply.

Matt- I think so

Pix? Working on them

Not “UR”, win.

My ability to effectively come to a decision on this matter revolves solely on the pictures.

8.5+ = ok…its only the internetz

-8.5 = DIAF

Are her parents brother and sister?

Is the chick that typed that named Lindsey by any chance? That handwriting looks familiar.

I’m going to have to agree with Newman and say that it was probably a mistake. If you seriously are going to dump this girl for a reason such as this, you better be a very good looking man with an excellent fucking education. If not, you’re a fucking idiot, and you just posted this because you wanted people to rip on this girl. Even though it’s not that big of a deal.

typing on the intraweb really doesnt matter to me, now in person thats a diff story

Yeah, you better type correctly in person.


who cares if the girl is just a slam piece.


wow you’r shallow

what you should be asking yourself is what her headgame is like…

u shld rape than spit


pics for final decision, but as it stands right now, missing the E key once isn’t a big deal. post other examples to be sure.

You’re not gonna marry this girl so who cares how she spells, etc. From my understanding, this is just a plaything to take up time so turn in your badge, grammar cop…

Just do it.