Looing to hire a motivated manufacturing / operations engineer

I haven’t been around here much, but I’m looking for leads on a local engineer that meets the following criteria. I intentionally kept the following vague and informal. I can provide more information as needed.

The following are MUST haves:
-some kind of experience in heavy industry
-4 year BS degree in some kind of engineering
-willing to be on call every other week or possibly every 3rd week to assist with line issues. May include remote troubleshooting, or having to come in to the plant as needed (nights, weekends, holidays, etc.)
-willing to work a rare 18 hour day, or 70 hour week to deal with production or equipment issues and not give me a hard time. I need to know they can be counted on to be there when things get rough.
-Basic mechanical ability
-Most importantly, the person must be MOTIVATED and looking to prove themselves by assuming total responsibility for the area they are in charge of.

This job is at a local plant that is part of a massive global company. Overall the role is doing whatever is needed, day-by-day, to keep a ‘high hazard’ production line operating. The person must be strong willed and confident. The role would range from operations responsibilities including running safety investigations and creating procedures, to assisting with rebuilds, specifying equipment, and being a key member on major engineering and construction projects within the area. This position could eventually lead to nearly limitless opportunities at numerous locations around the world.

To emphasize, this is a fantastic position within a great company, but this is not a job for the faint of heart, or what I view the ‘typical’ engineer to be. This is an opportunity for someone that is willing to work to prove their abilities in order to progress their career; the job is not ‘easy’.

Pay is based on the individual and experience. But a wide range estimate would be 75-90k, with ability to go above or below as necessary.