looking for a luxo cruiser

So this has probably come up before but I didn’t see the thread.

Right now we have the 350 roadster, a stang cnv and the jeep. I want something more comfortable to use for road trips with 4 doors so when we are with family and friends it’s easier to pile everyone in.

So far I have been looking at:

CTS(V’s out of the question I can’t justify the extra price difference unless I got rid of the z since I already have one toy)
TL(whats the major difference other than visuals from the regular to the type-S)
IS 350

(I havn’t ruled out 5/7 series I’m just still not overly thrilled with bmw’s styling)

Also still not sure how I feel about a ford but MKS/Taurus Limited.

Jeeps gone soon, I also considered trading it for one of the 2011 grand cherokee’s any input there?

You didn’t mention price.

For 25k I would get a Lexus Gs with a V8.

The new body style 2006+ is much nicer looking than the older ones.


If I like something I’ll buy it that doesn’t mean I’m going to buy a porsche panamera but I’m willing to pay for something I’m overly impressed with. I’ve driven a CLS,CTS and an IS350. I do like the GS’s it just wasn’t as fun to drive as the IS.

GS’s aren’t as fun as IS’s because they are bigger and more luxurious where as the IS is a sport compact.

I just picked up a B6 S4 and so far I am in love with it. I do quite a bit of traveling of Western NY for work, and it hasn’t let me down to be a comfortable ride and also fun when I want it to be. I personally didn’t care for the IS350 when I drove it, but I think it was because of how used to my IS300 I was. I have driven a TL, and it didn’t wow me. I also drove an '01 BMW 5 Series which I liked, but just didn’t want to spend the money at the time.

clarkson approved and cheap now.

The IS is a nice car, it is more sporty than the GS, but I prefer the larger GS. A GS with the V8 is still a bad ass daily driver.

My true favorite somewhat “classic” luxury car would be a 98 Lincoln Mark LSC Collectors Edition, pearl white with the 32v cobra engine and IRS… But those things are very dated compared to the new cars…

A8L’s are surprisingly cheap

close, decided against the car I think I’m going to grab one of the new GC’s some really good incentives right now.

ill always sell my car 97 A8

I just picked up a TL and love it, the Type S is better it has Brembro brakes, slightly bigger engine ,navigation, different styling etc. Either way they are really nice.

i loved my b6 s4 as a daily so much. i would suggest either that or a e60 5srzzzz

CLS. I personally think that they look really good, other people say that they look like a Taurus but I really really like the look of them.

CLS is just a baller car, I don’t get how it would look like a taurus and they are EXTREMELY comfortable.

It came down to when I’m doing long drives I wanted to be a little higher up, so as much as I thought I wanted a car I couldn’t make it work.

If you change your mind I would say go for an A8L or a 745Li

what you should buy is a 03 Audi RS6! your baller and fast as shit! Did i mention they sound amazing?!

I would have to vote for a new Taurus SHO or even a new Chevy Tahoe.

The Tahoe would give you plenty of passenger space with a good amount of cargo room.

I do like the Caddy’s and Lincoln’s as well,so can’t rule them out.