New car ideas?

Im in the market for a new/used car i hae about $14k to spend. any recomendetion would be nice, Im mostly a import fan.but do like some domestic’s.


that’s an awful broad question. do you want something that you can drive all year long? fwd/rwd/awd? do you want to mod it at all?

save another 3k and buy my wrx :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened to your plans with the Celica?

On topic, get a Type R.

im looking for something sporty/luxry, id love an is300 if i can find a decent one…

i do like type r’s but there are to many integra’s around.

not type r’s

honda civic :roll:

get a type r if you have that kind of cash. One of the best bangs for your buck

Or if you wanna be different and have an all season car with some balls/handling/style you can get a '99 Saab Viggen for that price depending on mileage.

95 M3

Buying a type R is like shooting yourself in the foot with insurance.

How much do you plan on modding the car?

since u love skunks so much

id feel bad if i were to buy an m3 like skunks lol.

Sleepy: dont know how much ill be modding the car. just leaving that option open .

are there any specific genres of cars that you do not want to pick up?

IE sedan, station wagon, SUV, etc?

i am in a couple of years of course mine wont be gay yellow

Of course I’m a little biased to domestics, but maybe you could pick up a used LS1 Camaro ('98-'99) for around 8k-9k, then STS turbo kit for 3.5k. You’d be running low 12’s with a lot of money to spare.

^^if you wanna go that route talk to turboLS1ss about it, so you dont blow up too

wrx’s come cheap, and theyre good fun in all seasons. For example this one…which has been sold

Great deal IMO

first, get a cheap ass car

then do mods to it!

seriously, Joelster’s got the right idea. F-bods from the mid-90’s can come dirt cheap, and there’s plenty of aftermarket.

GTP lol…


if youre half interested, ill let you drive mine (i let you drive the maxima)

OMG soo much aftermarket. Sooo much potential to go fassst for very little $. Right now I have $200 in mods and its quite quick…