looking for an apartment?

anyone looking for a new apartment?

not exactly cheap… but can help work you a deal.

these are “luxury apartments”… normally $900-$1300 /mo

pool, fitness center, satelite tv… garage avail…

located in clarence… 11 minutes from UB.

PM me if really interested…

is this in raintree resort

raintree = no garage avail.

where are you talking about? sounds like my complex… you work there? pmed

ahh didnt not see the garage part

anyone who lives with eric is lucky…

youll have access to every single porn ever made :stuck_out_tongue:

even the animal ones :X

and the full action lemon party one that is always mysteriously in his ‘recent documents’ thing off the start menu

As long as all goes well with my interview next week I may be interested also.


And the place is Coventry Green