Los Angeles Police kill baby while shooting at suspect

LA cops fuck up someones christmas again … this time they put a bullet … or 10 … into a 17 month old baby that was in the arms of the suspect


He had a 9 mm handgun and a shotgun and was intoxicated on drugs and alcohol, police said.

Police called in a SWAT team and tried to speak with the man; when they at one point attempted to help a neighbor escape the area, he fired at them and they fired back, McDonnell said.

  • sounds somewhat unavoidable, unfortunate - but unavoidable. very sorry to hear :frowning:

‘‘The officers are taking it very hard,’’ McDonnell said. ‘‘Anytime you have a baby killed, it takes its toll.’’

Anytime you have a baby killed? How many times has this happened?

theres a lotta crack heads, and crime out that way. i am sure it happens more often than you might think

whats the worst part about shooting a baby?
cleaning up it’s guts.

Its just crime prevention :gotme:

Wow you could be the devil.

thats pretty crappy

im suprised a sniper didnt take him out, but i guess if things happen too quickly its difficult to react

Whats grosser than 10 dead babies in a garbage can?
1 dead baby in 10 garbage cans.

A baby’s life is no more important than the bystanders that psycho was shooting at. Actually that baby’s life was probably the least important (To all people except the parents/family) because that baby does not have a “life” yet. Life will go on all around that baby unaffected. No job to fill, no fatherless kids to raise. Not to talk it down, but this is not a “big” deal.

i totally agree with you 100%.
i was going to post something similar, but i feared a lash back.

so then i just posted the most awful thing i could think of.

lol… I waited for you to post yours first.

lol at you 2

Im sure the baby would have turned out perfect in the care of a drug addict though.

lol … i was hoping you guys would turn evil about this

my first though was the tshirthell “arrest black babies” shirt … exceps as saying “kill baby crackheads b4 they can hold a gun”

and yea zong … i was wondering how many babys that the LAPD manages to kill too

Thats doesnt mean the cops are the one’s killing the babies. You know they also have to deal with car accidents, fires, earthquakes, abusive parents, etc. etc. that all kill babies. He is talking about having to interact with situations where babies have been killed.

I won’t be able to have an opinion on this topic until I find out the cultural background of the baby.

then I will either fake feeling sad or make racist comments…it all depends, could go either way.


wouldn’t you want their racial background to make racist comments?

i guess ill join in with everything i got:

whats funnier than a dead baby?

whats funnier than a dead baby?
-a dead baby in a clown suit

how long does it take to paint a room red?
-depends on how hard you throw the babies

what hot and bubbly and red and mushy?

  • a baby in the microwave

whats cold, hard, green and smelly?
-that same baby a week later

how do you make a dead baby float?
-a dead baby, two scoops of ice cream, and some rootbeer

how do you make a dead baby float?
-take your foot off its head


the dead baby site is pretty sweet

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