Lucas Oil founder goes nuts on facebook. (Gay Marriage)


I’d take the sponsorship then donate an equal amount to causes against what she is spewing. much more satisfying.


I almost feel obligated to buy double now if it pisses overly sensitive people off


Lol who gives a shit


I do, but it’s not really that big of a turd. guess I’m the only conscientious consumer on here?


No you’re just being whiny bitch :lol:

I’m sure if you spent enough time tracking down tweets from C level executives and board members of various companies about their personal views on topics you wouldn’t be buying a lot of products.

For example

Better sell your E30


Glad someone still has the guts to say what’s on their mind… You know that whole free speech thing that so many people died for? This shouldn’t even be news.


And you think SS stands for super sport :lol:


Just like when the owner of chik fil a said he believed marriage was between a man and a women and all the gay groups went crazy and chik fil a then had their best day in history when they had the support day. Heck we even drove down to erie and spent 50+ in food and bought gift cards as well. Was crazy too. Approx 30 mins to get a chicken sandwich!
Lucas sales might even go up now.


You’re a part of the problem. PC much?


Possibly. That’s pretty shitty if he did.

I could maybe get behind it, if her original statement made fucking sense.


Group buy time? We’ll go dump a couple quarts on sandy-mc-gina’s driveway. :lol:


any of you who know me in person know that I’m definitely not PC. I just think she’s a fool (especially for not even standing up for what SHE said) which is obviously what she believes. I take a small personal pleasure in punishing her for this. It’s not like Lucas makes any products that I’d use anyway. So if you all want to go buy up that snake oil now to stand with her and show that Muslims are ruining America go for it.


The worst kinda liberal…one with a vette. I keed I keed. I’m with you from a capitalism standpoint, it’s retarded to limit your customer base. That being said we’re crony capitalists and your dollar is no longer worth a vote. I think that was one of LZ’s points…in part.


from a capitalism standpoint Lucas also agrees with me, otherwise she would retract and state how diverse they are… It would be fun to interview her and ask if she likes Muslims and Atheists buying her products.


She’s rich enough she would almost certainly tell you she would rather not make those sales. But even terrorists and satan worshipers need horsepower so…


This, if you’re going to grow a pair of balls and say something you believe in, at least stand by it. I have more respect for people with at least an educated opinion.



If you have time to get heated about this kind of stuff, I would argue that you aren’t busy enough.


I only wish she didn’t take it down. I don’t care what you believe in, as long as you stand behind what you say. Why is this even news?


This disappoints me


Me too, why wasn’t I brought back any of their hate sammiches? LZ ordered a few with extra hate IIRC.