Lucas Oil founder goes nuts on facebook. (Gay Marriage)


I’m going to make sure I verify the views of every C level/board member before I purchase any product going forward.


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If im ever close to a chic filet I get one with extra hate :tup: :tup:


The hate is what makes them so juicy and delicious.


That I went or that sales were up?


That you didn’t bring him a Sammy.


Both now that I think about it. but when I wrote it, I was mostly disappointed in the fact that you drove hours away, to support a company you probably couldn’t care less about, simply for their stance in gay marrage. People need to find better ways to spend their time than hating the gays.

Just stop caring. Don’t like gay marrage? Dont get gay married.



On point.


My support of the restaurant has nothing to do with hating gays. I support gay marriage 100%. What I don’t support is when a country that put freedom of speech first in it’s document of guaranteed rights turns around and starts talking about passing zoning laws to ban Chick fil A from cities because of the personal opinions of the owner.



I have no issues with gay marriage

Just because someone in a C level position spoke up about their personal views doesn’t change how much I enjoy their food.

Like I said before im sure if you spoke with owners/c level staff/etc you could find issues with their point of view on subjects.


I’m 100% against the zoning thing even though I dislike chickfila. My opinion is that people have the right to say what they want and I have the right to judge it.

What you are doing is no different from saying you hate what westboro baptist church is doing, but you support them because I hate them or they have the best choir in town.


yep, JayS and LZ covered it.

As far as I’m concerned, as long as they’re not vilifying gay people in their stores or discriminating against gays in the workplace, I’m completely fine with it. Yes, some of the charities that they donate money to are politically opposing gay marriage. If it bothers you that a small portion of the profits made from your meal will go towards that, then feel free to NOT eat there.


The westboro baptist church is totally different. While they have the right to their own opinion and freedom of speech, all they are doing is trolling people in the worst way possible. Just because you can say it legally, doesn’t mean you should say it morally.

If you hate gays, or our American soldiers, or little kids…fine…but why protest funerals and basically spread your elation over troops getting killed in the war.


I’m going to start making all my purchasing decisions based on the party affiliation and the religion of the CEO.


that’s what I do, but only when I have multiple options in front of me at a similar price and quality. It’s really just a subset of brand loyalty which everybody is guilty of.


No it’s using some bullshit metric that has nothing to do with the actual product :lol:


obviously I disagree and use all factors. the quality of product is weighed a lot higher than something like this.


GM killed a bunch of people with hiding a recall yet you still buy a Corvette.

However someone saying hey I don’t agree with gay marriage would make you not eat a sandwich


Lol… so much win here.


And the trophy goes to…LZ

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I don’t think he drove all that way to show he disapproves of gay marriage. I think he was backing up the owner of a company who was being told by the general (liberal) population to stop voicing his personal opinion.


I’m going to start basing my purchasing on CEO hair color… no more buying from any damn Gingers… Fuckers have no soul!