Lucas Oil founder goes nuts on facebook. (Gay Marriage)


Jam, why I went to the support was for a few different reasons.
The owner(90+ not that it matters) was on a program and the subject of gay marriage came up for whatever reason and he said he believed it was between a man and woman. Period. Not that he hates gay people, or they should rot in hell or whatever. Shortly after they started picketing/ boycotting the stores. For what reason? Because he had a different view then they did? I think the 98-02 WS6’ s are one of the best looking cars ever made. Bet most people disagree with me. I bet there’s cars out there people love that I think are are ugly. We disagree, no big deal. It’s when you act on it is when it can become a problem.
I had two gay guys that were renting a place off me earlier in the yr and the one tenant had a problem with them. Came to a head and he made some derogatory comments and basically said he was going to punch the one. I instantly went down there and told him if he wanted to punch someone to try me first. Then I knocked on their door and had them come out and had him apologize to them. And remember I’m 100% against gay marriage. I would be friends with a gay person, hang out with them and even lay down my life for them but I would never say I believe it’s right.



To you sir


I’ve never said things like this are the only factor causing a firm line that I won’t cross. they’re just something I weigh.


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With you 100% personally I am for gay marriage but it should not be for me to impose what I think is right on anyone. We all have a line we draw as far as what items fall into this category but my guess is this is closest to what the Lucas woman was expressing frustration with. I doubt she is some hate filled radical. I do think she meant what she said but I doubt it is being interpreted in context.


I ate Chik-fil-a but purged because October is bulimia month for us gays.


Silicon Valley nails it on the head.


So not to drag this into the depths of gay marrage argument but I’m all for people having opinions and discussions on those opinions. It’s important. It’s the only way anything gets accomplished.

to say you disagree with gay marrage because of your personal religious beliefs is fine, you’re entitled to that. The biggest problem I have with the governments involvement in not allowing gay marrage has mostly to do with benefits recieved through relationships. Remember, this country was not founded as a Christian country (“under God” was something added to the pledge during the red scare in the 50’s, added because propaganda against godless communists)

that at being said, one of the main reasons I am strongly for gay marrage is because of normal human rights that are violated because of this ban. Things like, survivor social security benefits, employer health insurance, ect. Imagine not being able to see your wife as she’s in a hospital bed after a bad accident. This is something gay people go through all too often because they’re not family. Decades ago, one would adopt the other one as a loop hole.

The majority of states allow gay marrage now (I think it’s 30/50 as of this week) so this should be a non-issue soon (and I can’t wait for that, there are so many important things to argue about)

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No you do feel good bullshit boycotting so you can brag to your friends about taking a stand :lol:

Like I said if you actually gave a fuck you would boycott GM since people have actually died or another number of other companies instead you’re taking a stand because some CEO said something you don’t agree with.


meh… I’m not out to save the whole world. I just pick my priorities which tend to be freedom from religion and dog rescues. Sure I’m doing almost nothing in the big picture, but it’s still more than nothing.


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GM kills people, but I really want a Vette, I’mma buy a vette.

Lucas Oil founder says something I don’t agree with, and I don’t use Lucas products anyway, I’ll make a stand saying I won’t buy any more Lucas products.

^ That pretty much describes Murica perfectly.


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