madden 2006, anyone buy it yet?

i just picked up madden 2006 and so far so good…the only i dont like in the game is that qb vision, which allows the quarterback to scan his wide receivers…


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lol…u tards

i’m picking mine up on tursday…don’t have time til then…

Just remember that I can no longer help you Skunk…

yea yea…i know…

they actually just called me about 15 min ago

what i’ll do is…grab my game…punch them in the face…shit on the floor…then trash the store

then i’ll tell them they’ve just been skunked…and i will hang a big poster that says “you’ve been skunked” and it will have a lightning bolt on it too

no more crack for you

circuit city 39.99

been playing it on xbox since friday, its ok, nothing special

anything better / different then last years? (rosters aside :duh: )


superstar mode, u make a player with dna then get him drafted, try to get starting spot, then play till hes a superstar.

they have mid week practices and gameplans now, which is cool, it bumps ur rating for the week if u do good, graphically its the same, no new tackle animations or anything like that, some new overlays during gameplay is really all thats new, its still a good game, but i expected better.

oookay, so a co-worker here went out and bought it on lunch (Walmart also 39.99 BTW)…

This is where I get a little irked:

To me, all this extrenuous crap takes away from the actual gameplay. Last year all the extra stuff wasn’t too bad (individual morale for example), but this is heading down the path of Sim City: Gridiron.


:tup: Thanks

I think i’ll wait for next year.


The passing in this game is fucking hard, compared to last year’s, but it’s a lot easier to run

Im waiting till you have to go to a bar and meet chicks so you can breed and make your son into a football player. I never got too into madden, i would much rather watch/play football then spend all night playing it. Gimme forza anyday though.

wouldnt you rahter build a fast car and drive it then spend all night playing forza? :wink:

I played it today at Best Buy. ESPN NFL2K5 > Madden '06

i like the fair play that they added for this game for exibition. no longer have to worry about crap like guys doin onside kids all the time. at least i dont think 2005 had that, other than online