Male Birth Control - RISUG / Vasalgel / COSO

Read a bit about this today. It’s reversible, cheap, but not on the market yet. Sounds like a worth while reason to stick needles in my sack :tup:

This source link has terrible ads, just a heads-up: New Male Birth Control Procedure Is 100 Percent Effective, Completely Reversible [STUDY]

Older article from Wired, including sack pics NWS!:

Basically it’s a positively charged polymer that effects the negatively charged sperm as they pass by, rendering them incapacitated. It doesn’t plug or block anything.

There is an interesting story behind how it was invented:

In the 1970s, he [Sujoy Guha, inventor of the procedure] began investigating cost-effective techniques to purify rural water systems. He discovered that if he coated pipes with a common polymer called styrene maleic anhydride, he could kill bacteria lurking in the water supply. The process took advantage of an electric charge differential existing between the polymer, which was positively charged, and the bacteria cells, which carried a net negative charge. As microbes traveled through the polymer-lined pipes and encountered the strong positive charge, the attractive forces pulled them apart.

When the Indian government began worrying about its rapidly growing population, Guha wondered if the same polymer could work for male contraception. After all, the vas deferens resembled a water pipe, and sperm traveling through the narrow tubes were analogous to bacteria. Guha ran some tests and found that the procedure worked perfectly…

Interesting…but would never do it lol

So your just shooting dead loads? or blanks?

Interesting… but sorry, not for me. Go injecting some plastic resin into my sack or injecting anything for that matter into my sack, I’ll fucking pass!!!

Right, because women don’t take risks by putting IUD’s, NuvaRing, DepoProvera etc in their bodies for birth control purposes. Man, for having balls, dudes sure are fucking pussies.

i heard about this before but it lasts for…5yrs? then theres protential problems with future baby seed after… making crazy plastic tard babes…OR theres no study that says that it wont retard your baby…
Source: i made it up

Fucking A+ for me. GF wants kids and she never has to know. Plus no change for me other then no kids. still shot my load like a boss and never be held down with baggage and be turned into some van driving soccer dad. WINNER.

copper well said. I stand beside you on this one.

Isn’t this a repost? I remember reading about it. We’re still years away from approval in the US from what I remember.

LOL, nice.

I wonder if this effects a man’s testosterone production?

The only worry i would have about this is chemicals leaking into the blood stream over long periods of time. It could have increase risk of liver damage and possibly a higher risk of contracting cancer. But fuck it we live in TO we are already at higher risk of contracting cancer.

IUDs I can agree with; I’ve known a few girls who have gotten them and they say they hurt like fucking hell.

As for the other two - a shot in the arm -give me a break; and the ring, really? It’s like digging for a lost rubber.

Now take a needle and shove it into your clit as a measure of birth control… now that would be a comparison. Although I know some sick women/men who would enjoy this.

As for me personally… I have one kid, probably have another in a few years, then I’m just gonna take the bullets out of the gun. Or as my wife likes to break my balls with [quagmire voice] what’s a cobra without the bite… a belt… [/quagmire voice].

It won’t get approved in the US… how would lazy females ever make any money if they couldn’t get knocked up by a wealthy male?

Touche, sir.

What would the world be like if girls didn’t have to be crazy from being on the pill

Same thing I was thinking.

The pill, her period, the weather, alcohol, pregnancy, etc… etc…

They should call the product:


Wow, I don’t know what’s worse:

A) Lying to your girlfriend that you can have kids but that you just need to keep trying.


B) Call her a dumb cunt, punch her in the face for complimenting you on your rims, and then steal all of her money out of her wallet while she lies motionless on the floor in a pool of her own blood.

But, that would be judging and that’s wrong… :hahano:

Plastic-dick whole car!

It’s not necessarily the pain associated with the method that I’m discussing here, it’s the health risks associated with them.

I would take a shot in the balls. I don’t trust anyone.