MAME and other roms (link)

I am not a fan of MAME but some people like it. I’ve got NeoGeo, roms on my website if anyone wants them, is the URL with the link on that page.

isnt that illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s only illegal if you put them on a disc with emulators, ready to play…

speaking of which, pm me if you want an xbox disc with over 14,000 games for nes, snes, genesis, atari, etc


It’s only illegal if you don’t put a disclaimer saying that you own these games…

SilencingMachine, shoot me that list of backups you wanted to get rid of

lol joke guys

geez u all should know my humor by now

fyi john, i tried to pm you but for some reason i think it didn’t work. i sent you an e-mail.

yea, i got it. there were a couple titles i was interested in. i will shoot you a pm back later.

i’ve had a bunch for years, just threw all my genesis roms and emulators onto my new laptop the other day :tup:

:tup: <<---- the world’s smallest tee-up :rofl:

that’s the first time i saw that…

been waiting for you to get back to me on that for…say…a solid 3 months now…

doh – you have my number right? call me.

i didn’t know that you had a second b-o-x already. :wink:

yea i been wasting the past few days away playing ff5 :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone is looking for n64 roms, lmk… their kind of hard to find

they used to be every where, back in the day when i had my dr 64.

are there any decent emus for it now? (i havent looked)

i have one for xbox, and i had every single rom at one point. some run kinda shitty though… others are fine. :gotme:

all i want it for is wetrix (sp) and some jp game… you had maze, and had to work a pin/stick through it with out touching the sides. i couldnt put the controller down.

edit: oh shit, is still around.

here’s what i downloaded before –

you’ll most likely have to unpack each and every one of the roms. they store them in a weird file format, it’s like .z7something if i remember correctly.

and yes i know thaey are .aced currently, they are also packed inside the archive…

Sweet Man… I found a great archive for PSX and DC roms.