Massive DIY Build. Terrible DIY Video. R32 GTR


I ended up with a car that had some underlying issues and was able to sell it to someone who appreciated my work and paid me to restore it. Take a look at this terrible video walk through:


Does anyone know some (free) easy programs to make decent videos? I couldn’t even rotate pictures in this one.


Hi Mike!

The resto work on the r42 looks great! I’ve always been impressed with your work.

Should I ask whatever happened with the del sol? lol


Believe it or not, its still in storage. I took it out briefly in 2013 to restart the project but then had a change of jobs and it went back in. I thought I would start it up again, but then this Nissan came along so my garage has been tied up a bit.


That looked like quite the job.


That’s alot of work man, holy crap. :bigtup: to you for saving that thing.


how long did all of that take, that’s a serious project.


Were you able to source any panels, or did you have to fab everything?

I did see somewhere that Nissan is doing a NISMO Heritage program, supplying parts to the US for cars that were not available here before.



Holy ballsac nice work.


Mike, good to hear from ya man, its been so long!

  1. great save. That cancer would have deaded that car had you not done what you did. Next owner is going to have a great car for years to come.
  2. get the del sol done please and post many pics
  3. hows the rest of the fleet?


Just under a year, but that’s with me working my actual job most weekends and out of the state/country for 3+ months.

Unfortunately the heritage program is going to some light touch stuff, some will be really helpful, but I dont see any stamped steel on the list.

The ONLY part I was able to source new was the outter rocker sill and that was after having warehouses checked in the UK, Japan, Australia, and russia. All the body parts were discontinued years ago. The inner sill and the “sill extension” were nowhere to be found world wide.

I was lucky a found a guy that was willing to cut the floor pan and inner/outter sill from another car. That saved me a LOT of time on the front and rear floor but unfortunately the sill was bad on his too. Nissan didn’t put a jack point at the corners of these cars, you are supposed to lift them from the subframs and then have a special adapter to sit it down onto jack stands. Nearly ALL of them have crushed sills and then the rust sets in and as you can see from the early pictures, the extent of the rust/damage can be hidden quite well.

Thank you

You too, how have you been?
I’m just glad the buyer was cool about taking the car and then waiting a year for it to be fixed up.
At this point in my life its REALLY tough to get back into the Sol. I will at some point, but i’ve long outgrown the Honda thing. The sad thing is when I cut into that car I was SURE I was going to show everyone that a project like that could get done in a year and not sit around forever… :ham:
I have another R32 that I’m going to build up a bit a flip and then I still have my M3 daily that kicks the crap out of BRZs at autocross even with nearly 200k miles. So the fleet is good lol