me > Z4 plus cops involved!!!

Out cruising around tonight to see if anyone was at a certain fine mexican food establishment, no one was there so I went cruising. On road XXX I pass by a Z4 sitting in the left turning lane waiting for the signal to change. I throw him a small rev as I go by not thinking much off it since I doubt he was going to get out of the lane to come chase me down. Well a few sec later I see a set of HIDs come flying up. It’s the Z4 with like a 40-50yr guy driving. I really didn’t think this guy was going to go, so when we got a light he got the jump on me since I wasn’t ready for that. Top of first going in to second I blow past him. At the next light he pulls up next to me with a big smile and starts going “man that takes me back to my younger years when we used to race down on ABC street, but you are probably too young to remember that. We used to race for registrations and money there.” The light changes and we cruise down the road, he kept going straight and I got in the turning lane to make a U turn and go back.
Well that’s when a cop pulls up behind me in the turning lane as I waited for the light. He then pulls up next to me and points for me to pull over after I make the turn. So I make the turn and pull into the parking lot that was right there (they like it when they don’t have to stand in the street). I turn the car off, license out, and interior light on before he got to the window. He asks for the license, but no registration. He then asks if I knew why he pulled me over. I really couldn’t play dumb so I just said “ya”. He then goes on to say he has seen my car many times and has a very distinct sound, so he knew it was my car all the time and then rattles of a bunch of streets he saw me on and said he was always doing something so he could never come after me. So at this point I’m thinking “oh fuck I’m so screwed”, but then he goes “ya know I really don’t care if you get on it every now and again. Its late, no traffic, no kids playing, so I don’t really see a problem.” Then he asks what I have done to it, and I tell him nothing really. His response was “oh I figure you had something done because it really moves when you get on it.” Then he goes on to ask me a bunch of questions about the car. He then hands me back my license and tells me to have a good night, goes to his car and drives away. So a big :tup: to cool cops.

nice kill and a huge :tup: to a cool cop, don’t find too many of them around

lol…you can tell that wasn’t Tonawanda or Kenmore, for sure!

I wonder if it was our favorite Ttown cop, the one with a caprice of his own and balls of steel for drifting thru traffic :tup:


wow, thats awesome…need more cops like that around

Awesome cop. Bet it would have been a different story for most who own imports…

yes it would have :lol:. for the most part i never have a problem with cops, but i also dont try assclowning down sheridan with traffic on both sides of me. if your on a dead street late at night the most the really do is tell ya to be carefull and thank you for not being an asshole on a main road.


sad but true…

thats funny cause with the Z i seem to have cops overlook things much more than last year with my zx2. i was in depew and ran my buddy from a light. the cop was sitting right there and saw the whole thing. he pulled me over asked if i was racing and i told him no and he says be careful and slow down!! another time im cruising on sheridan with a couple other cars my exhaust honestly being the loudest at low rpms and he pulls right past me and pulls someone else over. its great when cops are cool and as much as it sucks cops do associate better with cars that they respect or like. most cops are not big fans of loud civics even if we all know there is a snail under the hood and it might be the fastest car on the street ya know?


cool cop.

i’ve actually noticed this as well too…

well… it wont be the fastest on the street, but yes you are correct that they hate them :slight_smile:

:tup: I had the same experience in Cheetowaga! I got on it a little too much for his liking, but I ended up with a warning.


hahah sweet