Merry christmas from Yahoo(layoffs) :-)

Profit margin of 12% and doing layoffs. :tup:

wow, that blows…I feel for those people

Yahoo dropped the ball they were at the forefront of the internet and couldn’t find a way to make money

Edit: I also heard they have done this before right before the holidays

It’s fucking cold-hearted to drop people during the holidays.

Typically your budget is end if year that needs to shown on your next years budget the less salary expense. It’s not like they do it on purpose at Christmas.

They probably known it was coming. Look at it that they kept them onboard to earn as much as they could Till the last day before they were laid off.

Hey man, I’m not saying they do it purposely at this time…I’m just saying that is brutal for the families affected.

Pretty simple. You get to really manipulate the way you report the numbers by chopping off that kind of overhead (or committing to).

They wanted to do it while the Dems were still in powa. lol

It’s commonplace for big fggt companies to tweak year end staffing to make numbers look how they want. They have shareholders to please after all, right. :wink:
Saving the deep details…I was let go after 10 years at Ingram on the week of Christmas back in 1998 (without severance). HOE HOE HOE

On the bright side…it gave me the proper perspective on “at will” employment which we all have here in NY. There is NO reason to be loyal to a company if they aren’t meeting your needs as well IMO. I won’t EVER become complacent again! 8)

Sorry to the workers though…it’s a dark time when you get sacked like. 8(

The shareholders are the only thing that matters, never forget that fact if you work at a publicly traded company.

I dont mind to be one of those employees, stay home with the family for the holiday and collect unemployment benefit.

Unemployment after just paying for COBRA health care (or another health care option) means you likely have $0.00 left at the end of the month. Unemployment is wayyy over rated, you lose benefits and half the pay you’re used to. Been there done that while everyone was saying how lucky I was. 8/

Yahoo has been laying off people in Dec for the past 4 years… nothing new.

What is Yahoo!'s fiscal year end?
Yahoo!'s fiscal year end is December 31st.

Layoffs just happen to be around Xmas time.

Layoffs might be happening when people were counting on an end of year bonus. I wouldn’t put that past them.

Any word from Lockport?

double post

No lay-offs were made in Lockport.

For the past four years, all lay-offs have been in CA. Yahoo buys what they think are great forms a technology locally (CA), as in start-up companies. However, things don’t go well and get rid of those products which means, they no longer need those techs anymore.