Michael Schumacher - skiing Accident

a lot of info coming out about this, some ranging from he’s in a coma to it’s not that serious.

Not that bad:

CNN: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1904410-michael-schumacher-reportedly-suffers-serious-head-injury-in-skiing-accident

He’s in a coma and downgrded to critical condition:

Jalopnik: http://jalopnik.com/michael-schumacher-in-critical-condition-after-cerebral-1491287759?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow

This appears to be the most up to date:: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/formula-1/michael-schumacher-live-updates-formula-2969745

does say he is in a coma at the moment.

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Sadly, Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher’s condition has worsened this evening.

Tonight, respected local newspaper Dauphine Libere reported that the German’s life was in danger.

A report filed at 7.20pm read: ‘The state of health of the veteran driver has worsened and his condition is considered life-threatening, according to our information’.

The Dauphine is one of the most respected papers in the Alps, and has outstanding medical contacts.

An hour before, a surgeon specialising in brain and spinal injuries arrived at the hospital where Schumacher was being treated for a ‘very serious’ head injury.

After watching Crash Reel I’ve decided that I won’t be skiing or snowboarding again.

i have a trip planned in feb… yikes

mind you, he hit a rock so and apparently was on some difficult terrain. where i plan to go has no trees or anything.

He was skiing off-piste in the Alps. That’s about as far from the kind of skiing you can do in WNY as you can get. It’s like watching a Bonneville speed record car crash and saying, “that’s it, it’s too dangerous for me to drive to work”.

i approve of your analogy :slight_smile:

Wear a helmet when skiing. I used to laugh at people that did, then cracked my head on some ice one day

hope for a speedy recovery

Yup, it’s common sense. Unfortunately people with helmets still ski above their ability sometimes.

This sounds pretty serious from what I’ve read. I hope he pulls through. Would be a pretty devastating loss for the motorsports community if otherwise.

I was just planning a possible ski trip to France.

yeah this dude is arguably the best race car driver alive or at least was for quite a while.

the mirror link above is talking more about recovery now than death which is a good sign. sounds like it could keep this guy out of a car for a long while if not forever though.

He’s a legend… Just not a skiing legend.

He had a helmet on… No?

It’s being reported that he was.

You can still die with a helmet on. I don’t know if he’s on here but burnsmoney’s ex-gf’s friend died in Colorado last year. Her head made contact with a rock, had a helmet on.

Sonny and Cher?

No more football Kennedy style.

dude was off piste . . . . .

Needed most pole whacking obv…


See that ungroomed section full of rocks? That’s where he was skiing when he hit his head on one of those rocks.

An F1 helmet may have been better in that mine field. Scary stuff.

Closer shot of that section.