Willybeen's Pants Poopin' Motorcycle Save Vids



man, what kind of suits do they wear? That must be pretty tough stuff.

they have pucks on the impact points, which are generally used to gauge distance to pavement and lean angle, however… lol… they had a different purpose here, the boots have sliders on contact points also, and the suits are generally made of various animal hides, be it kangaroo ($$$) or cowhide… leather is much more abrasive resistant than textile (so far)

Wow! Some skills right there.

do you realize what kinda of g force is needed to make a move like that and stupid sticky tires fucking unreal

tire compound on motorcycles are AMAZING technology in itself… the amount of contact patch (foot print) generated from the front tire is about the size of a tennis ball… and the rear is about 3 inches by 4-5 inches.

keeping a 400 lb bike upright at 100 mph… … crazy stuff

bump. jamie hacking.

in case that link is down again

sweet lord!

Eep. ILI.



badass :tup:

incredible save

but i still hate hacking. that dude is a bitch


hahaha i was watching that live and was like:jawdrop::jawdrop:

god lord, i definitely would need a change of cloths. wish i would have caught the guy on tape that almost lost it at s&r cruise nights. that was amazing too.

love how the guy looks back to see what he just missed out on.

im sure his asshole puckered up pretty good on that one

that has to be quite tiring, just due to adrenaline and the rush of being so “off” and fighting to pull yourself back on.

great save!