Michael Schumacher - skiing Accident

Snow sharks!

But that’s where the SIQQQEST pow pow is!!

Reputable sources speculating that Schumi may be in a coma for the rest of his life.


You dont think they are being tight lipped because they dont want the media hounding the hospital or doctors on staff for information.

Sometimes no news is good news.

prospects for recovery are getting gloomier:

So sad :frowning:


I doesn’t sound good but it’s a bit of sensationalism by the news to be interviewing doctors who haven’t even seen him so they can toss out terms like apallic syndrome.

No doubt, but it’s also true that no news is bad news at this point. So sad.


Accident updates

Not looking good :frowning:


What a shame. Creates a legacy risking life every time he sat in that seat and it concludes with something like this.

Hope the guy can at least use words again someday but this doesn’t sound good :frowning:

I just keep thinking if he was an inch to the left he may have only been slightly hurt, or if he was an inch to the right he would have been killed. He got hurt in the wort way. :frowning:

the scary part is that they say he may be fully conscious in there… if that’s the case and he does eventually wake up he’ll be insane.

You can’t blame him. I would go insane stuck in my own mind not being able to speak to anyone. :frowning:

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^Being sued besides.

^ That first article was based on a tweet that was proven fake.


He needs to snap out of it.