Mid-Engine Corvette C8 2020

Yep! No road head in this model.

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It was a Civic Si and it wasn’t me and yes I know her

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I have seen “0-60 in under 3 seconds” but the math seems a bit sketchy. Maybe they are conservative on the powa numbers. (?)
It weighs 3366 pounds.

Mid engine rear drive with launch control. I don’t doubt a sub 3 0-60 at all. I do doubt how many of those launches you’ll get before something breaks though.

That does not look bad!

I want to see this parked next to an F430 though for scale / dimensions.

Also, how soon before they make one AWD?

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Whats going to break? The IRS on the latest vettes is solid and same thing with the transmissions people run them up over 600rwhp with good tires no issues.

Also GM historically under rates motors

I feel like a lot of you are stuck in early 90s GM land and haven’t been keeping up with how all modern GM/Ford performance parts handle things.

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Guy on the vet forum is still using a stock z06 t56,diff, torque tube and axles. He’s over 1200whp doing half mile events.

So I’ve had some time to let the new Corvette marinate in my head a bit and I’d like to change my stance publicly.

Seeing all the angles, seeing the numbers and now price…it’s a Corvette. It’s not quite my FAVORITE Corvette, but that’s just my opinion, but I will admit that GM did a pretty damn good job on this one, good enough for me to change my view of it and I think that alone says a lot about this car.


More good news for GM Tonawanda…


Genuinely impressed.

So, can we go to the Tonawanda plant and put the engine together ourselves? Wasn’t this what people did with some ZR1’s or something?

Always good to see more work come to Buffalo!

That was for LS7’s at the Bowling Green facility. Z06’s

Ah my memory was foggy.

I guess FR Corvettes are worth more now? At least to this guy:

1985 Targa Top Corvette for sale - $8000. Only 73,xxx miles. Very well taken care of inside and out. Garage kept and doesn’t see rain. Z51 brakes on front. ZR1 rims. Aftermarket headers and exhaust. Rare 4+3 manual transmission. With the new mid engine C8 Vettes, front engine manual transmission Corvettes are a thing of the past. Get your hands on one while you can. Only little things wrong like the right turn signal flashing slower than the left and rear release not working. I don’t need to sell so price is firm.

Wasn’t Newman a fan of these? Ugh. I’d rather have my old neon.

EDIT - If this is the 180hp version, the neon was probably faster.

Hope this guy’s wrong though. I’d still like a C5 Z06. Waiting for prices to fall further as per advice on here.

Well, that’s nice:

the C8 doesn’t require any routine engine-out services—often an expensive bugaboo with mid-engined cars—and that the spark plugs and other ignition components, along with the accessory belts that are tucked up next to the passenger compartment at the front of the engine, can be accessed with the engine in place. However, swapping out, say, the oil pump will require dropping the engine.

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