Mid-Engine Corvette C8 2020

wonder if adding a supercharger will require dropping the engine now…or if theres even enough room for the additional pulley off the crank.


I think we’re gonna see more turbo options than supercharging just due to the exhaust routing.

For those wanting to mess around: https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/printbook.jsp?year=2020&regionID=1&lang=1&divisionID=3&vehicleID=21905

And im no longer productive.
I like that you can option dual roofs…Id get the carbon and transparent on a white exterior.


Well that didn’t take too long. Funny its another Blue Corvette as one of the firsts.

Ex-test driver.

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“I have sixty grand in my pocket right now to spend on a new car, you’re telling me you can’t do anything for me?”

The Mclaren dealership employee began to get nervous.

“W-well no. The cheapest car we have is the 540c, and that’s $165,000.”

“And that’s SLOWER than the new Corvette to sixty, right? Like, a LOT slower. Like HALF a SECOND slower. Right?”

Good ready lol

Lots of engine rumors lately, should be fun to see.

The most exciting part of the turbo idea is tuning…the 3.6 twin in the ats makes insane power with just a tune. But…they went all out with titanium rods and upgrading the block. I’d imagine the same to be done with the C8 z06 & zr1 especially if they move to a flat plane crank.

I would imagine they would all be forged, especially since the lt4/lt5 are. New zr1 with AMP stage 5 are running 8.5 in the 1/4. That’s insane for a stock trans,converter,diff,axle car.

Are the new ones forged or titanium?

Indeed forged.

Kind of curious, does anyone know what the GM strike can do for the production of this car and what delays it could create? Anyone know the number of motors the local GM plant is supposed to produce a day?

Only thing I saw was it’s costing gm 1.2m per hour lol

Pretty sure it’s about 40-50 engines a day. My old colleagues there are just chillin’ at their desks and my hourly buddies are outside with their signs.

40-50 a day isn’t jack shit. We’d make 1000+ in a shift. They should be able to catch up no time I’d imagine.

Anyone else think its absolute garbage that they’re striking? Not to offend anyone but I think what they’re asking for is absurd.

I’ve questioned it as well. Not trying to hate on these people but this kind of reminds me of Mcdonalds and other fast food chains and the employees wanting the $15 an hour for an unskilled job. Aren’t these people that are fighting, mostly doing unskilled jobs that really anyone can do? How far do you push before the cost for your benefits, pay, etc equal the amount for robotics/automation to kick in full effect to remove those jobs? Fast food places are starting to go this route because of the cost.

Side note, I really have no clue what these people make and the benefits they receive currently.