Mid-Engine Corvette C8 2020

Last I knew it was 30$+hr

lol try working with them for 10 years. The sense of entitlement is astronomical.

Production Vets 28 hour, Skilled trades 32-34 depending on trade. Plus roughly 25 an hour in benefits.

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What exactly are the sticking points? When is the contract up?

It was up last Saturday night (14th)

What i’ve heard the big thing is more pay. Theyre upset about how much GM has made over the last 10 years however some of their yearly profit sharing checks have been upwards of $10k. They think that the CEO makes too much and compare to Japanese automaker CEOs.

Back on track…
base convertible starts at $67,495. Production of the convertible starts late in the first quarter of 2020 after coupe production gets underway.

Race car:

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Quick revving

Seems like a huge jump in price considering the removable roof on the coupe.

A base A5 is $44k, a base A5 cab is $51k. You gotta pay for push button top down life.

Looks like current price increase in $4.5k on the C7. So another $3k for the hardtop.

I’m assuming the convertible will be reinforced a little different to support no roof. Maybe I’m wrong. Also the electronics and convertible top being the cost factor.

Not sure I’d go convertible, I really love the fact that the hard top/targa top has the glass over the engine. I don’t think I’d want to lose that. Wish they could have kept that look on the convertible.

Curious, why doesn’t Chevy/Corvette race in Super GT? I’ve heard that’s a higher class of racing than IMSA racing. (would love if someone could fill me in on the tiers of road racing) GT3, Super GT, LMP. I’m still not aware of which are the top series to race in. Though when I heard about the Super GT, I also learned that the NSX is going Front engine because of regulations.

No window to the engine but you add those buttresses

Yes plz


2.8 SEC 0-60! Motortrend.