Migrant Caravan Breaks through Mexican Border, Heads for the US


I know there’s a Trump thread already but I thought this could merit it’s own; if not mods please lock.

IF they make it to the border, this will be the defining moment in Trump’s presidency thus far and perhaps one of the most significant political events in my lifetime (30 y.o.)


Get the dogs ready, boys!


are we assuming that because it is an organized caravan that there is less human trafficking in the group?

human trafficking and the percentage of those being trafficked relative to the total number of migrants is material for my position on this. if these caravans can demonstrate that there is no trafficking and that everyone in the caravan has a legitimate asylum claim and is prepared to go through the system in accordance with the laws on the books then i could go as far as to say that they should be allowed to enter.


If they have a legit asylum claim, they can go to any US consulate (in Mexico or other country) and apply. They don’t have to march to the border in a large group.

It’s also noteworthy that “asylum” was broadened sometime in the last 10 years to include gang violence, etc. which pretty much includes all of Central America.


fair enough, and yes i agree these caravans could be considered political stunts


Wait and see where they go. If they arrive at an actual port of entry they can apply there the proper way as with a consulate. But if they try to cross in a non-established area, it’s clear they’re not interested in following the rules.

The problem is that it’s easier and quicker for them to cross illegally and when arrested say “asylum”. Then they’re released with a pending court date that most never show up for. The incentives for them to do it the legal way are not strong enough.


Updated 21 min ago:

Hundreds of migrants from the caravan did just that — applied for refugee status in Mexico in the southern city of Ciudad Hidalgo. But a far bigger group forded the Suchiate River from Guatemala to the Mexican side individually and dozens at a time, and resumed the trek at first light, marching 10 abreast on the highway.

Mexican authorities had refused to allow the caravan mass entry from Guatemala, instead accepting small groups to process asylum requests and handing out some 45-day visitor permits. An estimated 1,500 were still on the Guatemalan side of the Suchiate, hoping to enter legally. But police could do little if anything in the face of the throngs who avoided the official entry point and crossed the notoriously porous border elsewhere.

So yeah, some of them are applying in Mexico. But clearly some of them have other ideas…

“We are going to get to the border of the U.S.,” he said. “I am not going to stop. I don’t care if I die.”


If they make it to the US and try to barge in they will either be shot dead on the spot or Trump will fold and his presidency will be over.

It’s going to take an emotional toll on any military personnel to shoot someone that has a child in their arms.



That’s not how that works lol.


That’s not how any of this works!


Isn’t Canada having issues dealing with refuges?
It sure would suck if they did not stop in the US.

I hear the GTA is the place to be.