mmmm seafood

From a spearfishing forum. This person caught this HUGE fish!

At first you think PHOTOSHOP! But check out the rest of the pics!

bad link

thats the biggest 404error i have ever seen

ok, try it now. my bad thats pimp…

That’s a whole lotta fish

damn, Imagine that bastard with teeth.

WOW…how does one manage to catch that …jeeeebers…

appearently with a very large spear. I have seen sea bass, fairly big ones, but that is a huge f-ing fish

so these people dive and shoot fish with spears. WTF

What the F are those???

wonder how many spears it took to bring that focker down…

ahahah red snapper arghhhh

“very good eating”

“You so stupid!!!”


i guess they make forums for everything now.

but that is one big fish!!

still reading.

I should paste it into word, and replace HOLY SHIT with null. It’d probably be a 2 page thread after that.