More chinese SUVs :O


they sell them in china for $3600 new?? is that right?


.15 star crash rateing prob.

china makes cheap, faulty, ripoffs?! NOOO.

i read that one of the SUVs made over there can’t protect you from a 40mph crash.

ya there is a post about that how a passenger in a 40mph crash would be killed in a side impact crash somewhere on here

It was a frontal impact.

how bout no one will buy chinese shit for 20k

You seriously under-estimate the stupidity of the human race.

Shows how much Mr. Soros cares about America.

people are already buying that hideous luxury car that the chinese make…

don’t the Chinese already make some (domestic)American cars?

I also heard that they have the worst crash ratings from some show on the speed channel

Yo dat joint is CDM son!!!

overnight parts from china yo!


wtf, i thought they would be selling the car for 10-15k you know and make a killin, but 20k i dont think this is going anywere , but then again god bless amerika

To those of you that don’t think the American public will buy it, one word, WALMART.

Nuff said.

that is not a news website

i dont know but General Automotive sounds like you can talk about ANYTHING IN GENERAL
as long as it has to do with cars, besides dont ruin this its entertaining and its car related.

my .00000002 cents

plus not to mention am adicted to this shit specially when its mixxed with cannabis :tspry: cant stop typing lol must go on till i reach 1mill post

p.s. only if you refed to the post :smiley:

A couple of left wing, tree hugging, socialists want to bring Chinese cars here?!?
Big surprise.
China is such a humanitarian country, lets help them ship more garbage here.:smash2:

I’m done.