Can't afford a new X5, just buy a replica..

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but Germany’s BMW AG says a Chinese carmaker’s SUV is too similar to one of its own.

The Munich-based automaker filed suit in Frankfurt this week against Chinese car maker Shuanghuan Automobile to prohibit it from selling its new model dubbed the CEO. BMW said the sport utility vehicle was a copy of its own X5.

Undaunted, the Chinese company’s European importer brought the SUV to the Frankfurt auto show.

“China is here and we are here at the fair,” said Karl Schloessl, chief executive of China Automobile, which plans to import and sell the car in Europe. He said the car was designed independently.

The spat reflects wider concern among Western companies, many of whom want to do business in China’s vast markets but also protect their own copyrights.

Shuanghuan maintains that the CEO bears no resemblance to the X5, either in style or price.

The X5’s starting price in Europe is $81,560, while the CEO’s base model will sell for $35,800.

“The issue directly concerning BMW is that there is a Chinese carmaker trying to copy the side and rear view of the previous generation of our X5 model,” BMW spokesman Wieland Bruch said. He said a close inspection would reveal any differences, but a first impression would not.

Ok what do you guys think… Do they have a case?
2008 Shuanghuan CEO

2006 BMW X5

Side to side

Yup, definitely no resemblance. :wtf:


many automakers use styling cues from other vehicle manufacturers, even though this is more drastic than you usually see.

whats next, BMW suing honda for the new accord styling?

Nissan suing Mazda or their crossover??

it’s not like style imitating is a new thing. If it was every budget car company would get sued.

Sarcasm. It’s obvious the Chinese automakers have been blatantly ripping off other vehicles. That’s fine when they’re selling them in their own country, but I hope they’re ready to face any legal consequences of trying to export them elsewhere.

the chinese steal EVERYTHING.

they are actually proud of it.

I was at a trade show once, and this guy came up and started showing me pictures of his equipment. It was even painted the same color as our equipment. I think he wanted us to congratulate how close of a replica he made. :ham:


Hasn’t hyundia been doing this for years now?

No one usually even cares because no one buys the pieces of crap anyway.

And NewMan, what was your response to him?

That will happen…

Meh. Looking like a BMW doesn’t make it a BMW. It depends on how deep the copy goes.

God knows it won’t last like a BMW.

So what is the latest on Malcolm Bricklin selling Chinese (Chery) cars in the USA?
I thought it supposed to be 2007.:gotme:


While the design copies a ton of cues, take a closer look and it probably shares little in common in terms of quality and engineering.

However it is only a matter of time before some Chinese company gets their act together and makes a good car.

from the side and from the back hell yeah they stole it, but the front looks like a honda crv

2007 Mazda pick-up


Ford Ranger

Who know maybe BMW has a Deal/contract with the China

Not to split hairs, but that’s not a knock off it’s a rebadge. Same company.

And BMW wouldn’t be suing the Chinese maker if they had a deal/contract.

I would like to hear an update on this too.

It’s one thing to steal BMW’s styling and sell it for thousands less. Most people who buy an X5 are buying it because its a BMW, not for its looks. I don’t think this would take away business from BMW. I do agree with BMW for taking legal action though, theft is theft and China has to get put in check immediately when it comes to patent infringement, etc.

It’s a clearly different thing like the Cherry to reverse engineer (translation: steal) the Chevy Aveo design and sell that for thousands less. Those two will compete on equal footing. Someone buying an Aveo is buying a cheap car, not the nameplate. So the Chinese one will seriously hurt their sales.


lol no shit… can’t say that I’m surprised though