Mounting a BIG tire.

hey i had one of my swampers(31") pop off and lose a bead Where(besides Jim Deans) is a good place to have it remounted CHEAP!? I am hoping it just somehow fell off the bead or had a slow leak and can be remounted otherwise ill have to get 4 new ones.ugh expensive.

There is some tractor trailer place across from Dunn Tire/old Imperial cycle that does semi tires…maybe they could help you out.

i would think you could get a 31’’ mounted newhere. I had my 33x15.50’s mounted and balaned at goodyear.

yeah, anywhere should be able to do a 31. if its a beadlock, you should be able to do it yourself.

31s aint shit

What they said.


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Seen the thread and through someone was mounting 40"+, HA HA HA

bah fuck. need new tires. (my bad theyre 32X11.5x15’s). Went to Reids in Elma. theyre dry rotted and have to order new ones. cool for me bad for peeps on my xmas list.

What kind of deal did you get? I’m in the market for some 31X10.5X15. Of course I also need new wheels.

check here theyre the cheapest on the net.
I am waiting for a call on some for local pickup, if its a cheap or reasonable deal ill let ya know.

i bought a set from big hands for 100 bux. 2 where brand new 2 are a lil rough.
they look small on my truck, ill have to go with 33s next


we do 37’s all day long on H2’s at goodyear

LOL H2’s. LOL . the tires on an H2 are probably the toughest thing about em!

37x12.50R17 Wrangler MT/R = standard tire

gotta love it :eekdance:

I was going to recommend spraying something highly flamable into the tire, and lighting it up. POP… there is your mount. now just fill with nitogen and be on your way

i’ve seen that done on a bobcat and it was awesome.

i find the best way to mount a big tire is to stradle if from behind. You don’t need alot of lube, and you don’t want your friends seeing you. For best results, dim the lights.

Reids tires also does big ones

omg only you mark lmfao