Super Tire Change Bros. - Tire Mounting/Balancing

Pricing for mounting/balancing is as follows:

Rim size less than or equal to 15" ==> $12.50/wheel

Rim size 16"-17"==> $15/wheel

Rim size 18"+ ==> $20/wheel (depending on profile)

NOTE: All prices shown are for street tires only. Race tires, super low profile tires and heavily stretched tires are priced depending on difficulty. Regardless of the difficulty, I am the most reasonable place locally for specialty mounting service.

We can now offer disposal at $4/tire or $15/set of 4. We hope this is convienent for you despite the higher price. This is double what it would cost you to take them to a large tire chain store yourself and get rid of them. We are assuming people don’t want to lug around a set of trash tires in their car to save 5 bucks. We are still trying to get some contacts for disposal so we can bring that number down for you guys.

Please PM me or text Ryan (rx7walker) 716-553-8589 and leave your phone # in the pm and preference of weather you’d like us to call or text you back. If you have any questions post em up and we’ll be happy to help as much as we can. Thanks, Andy Walker

After working with Pauly’s Snap-on tire changer machine over at Swerve for years, I found out what I really need/want in a machine to get the job done, and get it done correctly and hassle free. I wanted to keep budget reasonable and not spend 20k on a setup from big named manufacturers. After reading tons and tons of reviews I finally pulled the trigger and picked up an Atlas TC-289DAA tire changer and WB-11 balancer. I was skeptical about quality when making the purchase and wanted to wait until I put this thing to work to make a posting. This machine is awesome! It has a ton of power and more versitility with the extra arm for pressing the bead into the drop center of the wheel. The jaws operate super smooth and offer both inner and outer clamping (covered by plastic replaceable jaw protectors). The duck head also offers wheel protection with replaceable plastic inserts as well so no metal will touch your wheel throughout the entire process.

The wheel balancer does typical static/dynamic balancing and does a hell of a job at such. I can balance as precisely as 1 gram which is complete overkill. I have both sticky and tap on quality professional wheel weights.

For the mounting I also picked up euro-paste to lube and seal the bead also preventing corrosion to the wheel where the bead seats (that is pretty darn important where we are located). I also picked up an air bead blaster similar to a “cheetah” to help seat stiff walled tires or stretched tires.

A few pics of the setup:

This is the protected duck head

And the protected jaws for wheel clamping

Why choose us: Because we care! Anyone who has ever operated a tire machine can tell you that your equiptment is only as good as the person using it. Our machine has lots of really nice safeguards to protect your wheels’ finish. However, todays tire design and sidewall stiffness make error almost always a possibility. We as careful users of this equiptment highly minimize this due to experience and care for the task being performed. Simply put, if you are putting a 30 series tire on a 20" wheel that costs $500, BRING IT ON!


Quick update…I will be unavailable from March 2nd to March 16th…however, please contact rx7walker for any needs and he will take care of you. Thanks!

These guys are great, in and out in less than half an hour

Figured I’d post a few pix of some specialty wheel mounting work

This set of 4 is 205/50/15 stretched on to a 10" wide wheel…really the pix don’t do this justice …

Those are my wheels and tires. I can’t say enough about ryan and his commitment to making a customer happy. I knew going to to stretching a 205/50 on a 10" wheel it wasn’t going to be easy, but after a few deferent approaches we found a way to get them mounted. I will be recommending his shop to all who need it. 5star!

Woahhh, didn’t know you were still alive!

Glad to see you guys are getting some business Andy and Ryan!

whats the price just for balancing? - i can use my buddies machine to mount the tires but have no means of balancing them- would bring them in the truck just to get balanced

Depends on what size / how much weight used .sticky/tap on…for this i would prob be in area of $20…also setting up a time to meet would be key as i wouldnt make a special drive there to do it…Feel free to pm me or shoot me a text 7165538589 ill be there pretty much all week…

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I’ll be there doing some work with John once I get back from Texas. I hope Andy is bringing me back some olive oil from Italy.


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Can you mount 31" tires?

Should’nt be an issue

What are your days/hours like for mounting tires?

I need two tires ASAP. One of them has a gash in the sidewall.
It is a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium and currently has these wheels on it:

When do you want to do it? 716-548-0610