Super Tire Change Bros. - Tire Mounting/Balancing


All times really. My brother is there alot during the day and afternoon and I’m usually there evenings and super late night throughout the night.


Awesome thx


:tup: to these guys.


I don’t have anything in that size at the moment. If you can acquire a tire somehow I’d be more than happy to mount and balance for you. I’ll be at my shop all through the Night tonight into tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile:


I was in and out fast :tup:


I stopped by last week for to get my summer wheels balanced (seems most tire places have a hard time figuring out how to do this properly). I was in and out super fast.

Super smooth and car feels great 75-80 MPH. These guys do great work!


Thanks guys, tis the season. We’ve been pretty busy with spring finally coming and it’s been a pleasure to not deal with all the extra clean up from snow covered stuff. You guys have all shown amazing appreciation for the fact that we care about not damaging anything and getting the job done the correct way. It honestly feels very rewarding to offer that at a fair price.


Many thanks for the care and caution with the dismount / mount. Obviously knowledgeable service. Thanks for working with my schedule.



Thanks for the speedy help guys.

See you soon hopefully for some fun stuff :eekdance:



Ryan did a great job mounting the tires on my vette today


Almost 24hr service…cant beat it

Awesome to deal with


just pm you


Late night is how I like to roll. No distractions around. (Aka, cars on the dyno) and my bro often does the daytime appointments. It really is a 24 hour thing :slight_smile:

Apparently spring cane the 1st of may because we’ve been slammed with tire appointments. Thanks for the support guys! Now that the weather is sucking slightly less, this is becoming more enjoyable and a cool service to offer.


Andy did WORK for me over the weekend! excellent as always.



what you know about them triangle tires!


I actually wanted to get the brand “Triangle”…but these had flames on them.


Flames were mighty awesome


Who can I contact about some work have a bunch of buddy’s that need stuff done ?

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Either one of us. Pm me or give my brother a call. We won’t be available this weekend because well be out racing, but will be back in full swing on Monday so you can still contact to set something up.
And sorry about not getting back to your friend about buying that truck, things have been super slammed at the shop and prepping for a race. We are probably ending up going with a diesel instead.


ive got some 18" rims that need my new tires mounted on them. The rims are loose so I could easily swing by to get them mounted. What’s you schedule like later Friday afternoon or some time Saturday even…??? 5/16 or 5/17
let me know or I’ll pM my number and you can text me!