Super Tire Change Bros. - Tire Mounting/Balancing




Racing was this past weekend. We are back in full swing again. :slight_smile:


I need to come out and get my summer tires balanced. I had the tires mounted at alfred and some college idiot didn’t know what he was doing as I now have a vibration.


:tup: to andy


Stopped in about a week ago. Great guy and even better service. It’s good to have someone who cares like Paul did about not destroying your wheels while mounting. Also balanced perfectly. I’ll be back for sure.


Sorry Andy as this is long overdue!!!
I brought my rims and tires over and Andy did a phenomenal job. He cares about your rims!! NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER!!! I will be back if I ever need tires mounted or whatever… Perfect balance no vibration even over 85mph. LOL

Thanks Again!!!


Thanks for the quick help this week guys!!!


Nice meeting you man!


You too! How did the tuning go?


Ha, let’s not go there.


Siqqqqqqq power now! I won’t say the numbers, but I will say he can now get meatballs and olive oil with haste.


Haha! Thanks again guys!


Thank Johnboi I didn’t lift a finger. I was just there for moral support and to get pics of Johnboi in a muscle shirt so I can Photoshop my face onto them and get bitches on Facebook.




I Cant Say enough how much I trust These guys with my wheels. Tires Went on flawless even with a mild stretch and they are balanced to perfection. Its hard to find someone who cares about your car as much as his own and that means a lot to me.

Excellent Work Andy and Ryan. I Will have some more work coming your way soon!:bigtup:



Thanks again. These guys did the rear Corvette tires (295/35/18) for me today without so much as a scratch. A++ score from me.


Nice! When I see Ryans RX7 it makes me miss mine though :frowning:


:tup: to Andy. Mounted a couple tires for me today and even tossed the car on the lift and gave it a look since the inspection is due at the end of this month.

Definitely time to get a sign though. “Look for the driveway with the burnouts” is great until it’s raining and you can barely see them.


Here’s another thumbs up for Andy. He mounted up the snow tires on my new Ford Escape today. He was nice and meticulous and I had a great time talking cars with him. I will definitely be back again for my tire needs!


I have a 2006 Cadillac DTS that needs 4 new tires. Currently have Continental P235/55R17 on it. What do you have that is good for touring , smooth riding and quiet?