Super Tire Change Bros. - Tire Mounting/Balancing


Andy put tires on my car last night :tup:

Balance is perfect tested to a high rate of speed :snky:

I thought they might not fit but after driving a bit today the wheels / tires fit better than after we lowered the car down from the lift, lol.


Andy once again is the man. First he hooked me up on short notice when I was swapping out rims and tires for my raptor. Now he swapped out my TPMS sensors on my M3 and put them on after market Rims; also balanced and mounted tires/ wheels as well. Tires were a bitch to get on. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my shit. Top notch as always!


Big thanks today guys. In and out in a jiffy.


These guys still at it or is there someone else mounting and balancing for a good price?


They still do it


Bumping this because youll be getting a call soon.

Whats the address btw…maybe I missed it


Still here, yes much easier to text or call but I still do receive and answer pms from time to time.


Here’s a question for ya Andy @99_civic_si - what’s the largest size wheel / tire combo you can do? I had another shop mount & balance my 21" wheels and tires and it was maxing out their balancer because of the diameter.


Excellent work! Ryan mounted and balanced my 35 x 12.5 x 20’s without any issues.


It’s on Erie St. in Lancaster. I think they keep the exact address off the web.


Much easier for you since you put Ryan’s number in this ad. :lol:


LOL. Sorry.

My # is 716-316-8454


Looks like 39"is the max I can do. I’m sure your 21s with rubber won’t even come close


37x13.5 on a set of 17’s, how much would that run?


Really depends on difficulty with something of that size. Balancing those can sometimes be a nightmare because I often find the wheels for these setups are not always Hubcentric. I do not have an adapter to bolt the wheels to the balancer for best centering. Your options from there are trust the centers to be truly centered, or by the bean bags you toss in the tire to balance them. I haven’t had any complaints of big tires feeling out of balance, but I will not guarantee you a good balance with something like this. If it makes you feel better over done a bunch of large sets on jeeps and raptors as well.
Is ballpark your total ranging 100-150


Good deal, you did my last 35 Toyos on my truck and zero complaints. Be in contact soon.

Who here can swap tires ?