My bagged, dropped & LSX swapped 1966 Chevy C10 truck


1 year ago bpipe and I went to Elmira and met Terry Ostrander, a wacky retired racer. Among his collection of roadkill cars was this '66 Chevy C10 long bed. The sheet metal was not good but it was a big back window deluxe cab truck that is a little tougher to find. And it was complete. He gave us day old cookies from his bakery and a bag of peaches from his produce store. Dude was incredible.

This truck was so shitty that we barely got it off the trailer and into the driveway. This is literally where it died.

Pretty much got right to work tearing it down to the frame.

I drilled what felt like 1 million rivets.

Then I cut a bunch of things.

What I did in the rear:
Added a big notch, custom panhard bar, bags on the trailing arms, moved everything back 1" so the wheels are centered in the wheel fender opening, notched/flattened the center crossmember.

What I did in the front:
I removed 2" from the front crossmember. This allows the truck to sit 2" lower in the front and keep the suspension sorta close to drivable and the engine
mounts in same spot, although I ended up raising the motor 1" anyways. The steering also needed to be raised 2" and forward 1", so a notch was cut for that:

Cut the long bed frame down to short bed specs


Cab test fit. Stoked.

Then I did a bunch of cab metal work that I’m not very good at and was also boring.

Then I cleaned up the turd small block

I spent a few weeks making it all nice. Then tried to start it and realized it was shitty. So I bought a 6.0 / 4L80e combo the next day.

Did the normal custom wiring harness stuff from that everyone does.

Airlift kit

This was a pleasant surprise. The original deluxe seat cover hidden under 2 aftermarket covers and in fantastic shape.

Then I started to throw it all together

Cut the longbed down. 12" in front of the wheel, 8" behind.

Annnnnnnd finally

Right now the truck is in sort of a prototype stage and i’m working out lots of little bugs. I am hoping to just cruise it around all rat roddy for the next year and enjoy that the paint doesn’t matter :smiley:

Extra special amazing thanks to everyone to has helped along the way including but not limited to Cass, Cotter, Mingle, Bpipe, transporter and kosko <3

I would also like to thank Harbor Freight who, without their entire inventory, this would not have been possible lol


Way cool. Props to getting great results with sub par tools :tup:


Looks fantastic. The more amazing part to me is that 8 years ago, I was doing simple repairs like control arms and brakes for you, and now you’re at this level. Serious props.


this is awesome!


So good. I really need to find a few mins to stop by and see this thing. And pick up my flare tool :stuck_out_tongue:



Great project. :tup:


awesome stuff


Damn dude, that’s some work. Air ride, cut that bed down, LS-swap, I don’t think I would do it any different. Nice!



i love it…aside from the wheels and white walls


thx fellas <3




I love the wheel and tire combo!