my car started on fire: pics inside...


I just threw up on myself.

Oh noes!

haha… atleast it’s not another pink e30.

SIQQQQQQQQQQQQ! flameZ!!! lol. i love having a car that i just paint however whenever.

OOOHhhh Wah ah ah ah…

omg yessssssssssssss

i knew my 10:50 wal-mart mish for 2 cans of fluorescent orange paint would be worht it :slight_smile:

Bratos? Is that like Mentos?I have a wing off of a 88-90 Camaro you can have for free if ya want it.

thats terrible

oh shit jeg got a new paint job

hahahah I love you

Fuck yeah, that could just about be a replacement for The Dirty E30! :headbang:



That…that’s terrible I’m sorry.

i like it. kinda has that Bon Jovi late 80’s nostalgic look to it.

I dunno, I still dont get it.

From the guy who crys the cops are always pulling you over this sure seems like a good idea not to be noticed by them :bloated: