My Design

I’ve been playing around with some ideas for a logo for the Firehawk. I came up with this for my airbox. Since this will be front and center under the hood, I took a little extra time. I think I can say this is the first officially DONE piece of the puzzle!

Check it out:snky:

looks pretty cool

Very nice… I’m just not sure if I like the colors on it :frowning:

now put that with a working motor and it’ll be twice as impressive :wink:

i like it

looks good to me

Reminds me of a sailboat for some reason. You got a procharger on your car? Nice!

i think its hot. nice job! cya on da streetzZ :smiley:

Cool!! Nice work!


Thanks tho, for the compliments! It is a vinyl graphic, when I had it made, the vinyl cutter wouldn’t have been able to cut it out due the the intricacies. I cut it out by hand because I wanted the paint to show through.

I’m suprised about what you guys are saying about the colors. Do you think they are overpowering?

i think the colors are fine.

I think there are too many colors there, maybe if the line under PROCHARGED was the same Blue as the bird, it would pull the whole thing together. Or even just he turquoise over the Firehawk in yellow or blue.


I realize those are your firehawk colors, I think they are femmy. But if the rest of the car has the same color scheme, don’t cheap out on the cover, leave it the way it is and all will be ok.

looks perfect