my neighboor vs. eclipse FUNNY!

funny kill story…as i was walking out my door i looked up the street and saw a silver eclipse coming down the street. (loud farty exhaust)…all of a sudden my neighbor SCOTT passes this eclipse in his 4 wheeler!!!(i guess they were racing down my street) …

names names names … lol … ricer flyby’s are for pansies who say they are turbo but arent

wait, so you blew a stop sign tryin to race some kid in an eclipse? Was this in a neighborhood?

Did you actually line up and race cause from the story it seems like you blew a stop sign a caught him and then kept going…If you were racing he shouldnt have given you the finger. were you just driving dumb or…I dunno explain your story better cause im confused.

:bloated: :bloated: :bloated:

besides, everyone knows RS’s are slow

lol i love those kids who put stickers all over their rs/gs 2nd gens and tell people they’re turbo, or twin turbo. :biglaugh:

Wait, you ran a stop sign, then flew by him, then you’re pissed that he flew by you?


(sry only 18) and retarded.

I will edit as well…

Blowing stop signs is retarded. Slow or fast…

I like to speed up before the sign, slam the brakes to a screeching hault, then punch it.

did the title of this thread just change? wtf?




i dont get it.

edited…story really wasnt as bad as he wrote it the first time…bad wording is all…

ya i don’t want people to think im an asshole,that whole thing sounded pretty sketchy after reading it… the middle finger = me and him always desputed about who’s car was faster.(like little girls)… when i said i blew through a stop sign, i was going only 5mph. it was a right turn onto a 4 lane road from my neighborhood. i was still cautious and mindfull of other drivers! i just went through to catch him b/c he was running… we lined at 70 (3 beeps) and raced to 120.

once again sorry to post a sketchy thread b/c i don’t wanna get a bad reputation…hope we talk again


This thread is stupid. I am closing it.