my poormans type r install

Lookin good

Looks clean, :tup: to doing your own work.


Looks good, but ya should of de-greased the engine bay, and then took a wire brush to the tranny.

good job, we need some numbers

the manfold will be going soon, the spark plug cover will be getting re-anodized to a different color. it took 6 hours yesterday to pull out the old motor and install the new. I went with 9:1 on the pistons for the fact is I am planning on some kind of FI either turbo or supercharger. I really didnt have that much time to spend cleaning the engine bay or tranny, so that is my project for this weekend

Doesn’t a B16 head flow better than the B18c5? Just wondering

^ yeah thats what i was thinking, So you basically made a better type R motor, just the valve train is a little shitter.

how long did this take you to do everything

what are you guys talking about… hes got a b16 head on there… ??

Looks great btw, very nice and clean… i like it.

i definitely like what you have done

b16 head flows better then type-r?

type r is port/polished isnt it?

explain why, if anyone knows

b16 head flows better than a gsr - but I would assume that a type r head is equal or better than a b16, as far as flow characteristics. Time to check out honda-tech…

the b16 head is the same casting as the itr, but the itr is stock pnp’ed, considering he built the motor he prob did shit to the head, i hope…

edit: think the itr has bigger valves too

yes it says redone built b16 head

ok the b16 head and type R head are the same except the type r head has better valves and springs, valves are the same size. it does flow better than a gsr head, . yes i have work done to the head. it has been P&P and milled, and does have type R valves and springs, type R cams. i need a type R manifold & TB to get the better flow, but that will come in time. I dont have any dyno numbers yet, I have to wire up the knock sensor, I dont have a plug and am getting one asap, since I used a civic harness its not wired for knock.

it took 6 hours to drop the old motor and pull the tranny and install the new swap. and it took that long cause we used hand tools, I broke my airgun in the process of the swap

what do you need Ken?.. The KNock sensor itself.? I have one if you need it.

Call me.

thanks for clarifying the flow

sounds awesome

nice very nice, hope to see it at mighty before seasons up, going to nyirp on the 29th? maybe we can get a run in?

he dont live in Buffalo.
Hes from Colorado. lmao…

Thats cool though. :rofl:

Wait - do you think you’ll be ok NA with the 9.1:1 pistons and Type R cams?

ugh, i see shitty driveability…

i should be ok, I did the 9.1:1 pistons for boost and when that time comes I am pulling the type r cams. I heard they suck for boost.

i wanted to see how good the cams are and what all the hype is, i have only driven it around the block and it threw the check engine for knock sensor. so now it is sitting. I am waiting on a buddy to show up with a plug. I dont want to drive it to much in limp mode. so I rather it sit and wait, should have it done sometime this weekend.

and if driveablity sucks I am pulling cams out and putting back in b16 cams.