My Project 240sx

Hi my names justin, for about half a year I have been working away on

my first car. As of now i almost have it completely stripped down and

ready to start any body repairs I may need to do, here are some pictures

that I thought id share with you guys since i finally got a digital camera.

As of right now ill be working alot more since exams are almost done so

im hoping to have it ready for paint in the summer sometime when i can

get the money to spray my 240sx


I think only people on your MSN will be able to see it there

^^what he said :smiley: , cant see em either.

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jdm toight

Wow, lots of pic’s and quite a bit of work to do but in the end it’ll be well worth it.

You’ll have a great looking car and learned a ton b/c you did all the work yourself.

Keep us posted on how it goes and again, good job. :smiley:

Easy 8)

im telling you justin, do any and all motor work before u put in the new motor then when u realise how slow it is you wont have to pull it all out again.anyways man the car looks to be coming along nicely

My old motor. :sadwavey:

Damn it looked mint when you just got it.

lets just say when i got it was nice from far and far from nice :lol: it

needs alot of work… lol the previous owner lowered the vehicle but he left

the old shocks in? so the cars suspension is complete garbage lol. The

body kit that was on it was a skirt package but it was riveted into the

body… so i had to drill them and im gonna have to fill in some holes.

Anways all in time it will happen and im gonna start working soon so ill

keep pictures of my progress posted thx for all the positive comments 8)

Haha, that’s what I thought when I saw it… Hmm, that lokos like the ever infamos goldtop.

Nice work man!! It looks like you guys have a good idea of what you are doing.

Was that you with your dad taking pictures at the Karting meet? I think I talked to you for a bit.

Nice to meet you and have fun with that project, bring it to Bings meet.

Oh, where did you get those wheel dollies?


woah that is impressive, keep the pics coming. i like how u have dolleys on your wheels, so you move it around in the garage.

thx man haha yea that was me and my dad the pictures didnt come out

so great unfortunately… bad lighting and i pretty much get everything

from Princess auto thats where my dad picked up those wheel dollies for

me lol there really handy (esspecially when my moms on the back to put

her maxima in the garage during winter lol).