My shaver broke

Ok, so it’s not like I grow that much facial hair, but I would like to keep my face clean shaven

just wondering what you guys use.

mach 3… its fast like chrome

mach 3 dildo

i mean turbo or whatever

I pretty much don’t use my electrics anymore. I have like $300 in electric shavers that just sit cause they suck.

I use my brothers Mach3… when I’m home, and I have a Mach3Turbo… at the fiances house.

After going back to a straight blade… I got a rash like everytime I shaved… then I started using Maria’s Venus… it did a very good job. I also used her peach shaving gel… a nice combination… was very soft, and she liked it :wink:

god ur such a fag.



I’m never helping you guys ever again.

I should have told you

First I cut my hand wiv muh nife
i rub blud all over muh face
den i take duh nife and cut all the straggly hairs off muh cheeks

i vote a custom title for jack


eat my peach biotch.

You’ve been shaving your ass longer than i’ve been alive… how about some words of advice???


I used my girlfriends venus the other day…I lost my razor…It made me feel pretty

that is all


I’ve always used Norelco, they seem to work pretty well.

mach 3. I tryed many electric shavors but always come back to the mach.

mach 3 turbo…you think next it will be mach 3 nitro??

definitely will be the “gillette mach3 roots style blower”

schick quattro

Mach 3…i plan on switching to M3 Turbo

mach 3 like woah

i have that norelco gel sipiitin thing… it sucks imo but it gets the job done when im in a hurry… but i do it up with the mach 2 turbo when ever i have time… and you pussies use shaving cream.

hot water + mach3 turbo 4L

:word: for some reason i get more irritation when i use shaving cream than not using it…water + mach3 here too

i use a little electric one first, then a remington to polish it off.

i should try that mach 3 thingie tho, sounds like its a nice razor