My spare Sea Doo motor rebuild...OEM spec., but with more power...[URL=http://s55.pho

Howdy all. So, I have now had my Sea Doo for 2 seasons. The first season, I basically rebuilt the thing from the ground up, minus the motor itself, and had a nice time riding it and getting to know the machine. Last season was my 2nd, and a spectacular one at that. My untouched OEM motor has 150 lbs. compression in each cylinder, and runs outstanding. But, in the event that it blows up one day, I wanted to have a spare motor around, ready to go. In my first year of ownership, I was able to source an all original motor with low hours from an identical machine like mine. This winter, myself and a good friend who knows these motors inside and out are going to rebuild it, and try to see how much power we can make, just by making it breathe better. I will do my best to document the tear down and rebuild. Stay tuned, but for now…

I dig this thread. Looking forward to updates.

Thanks man, just uploaded more photos, bec. the laptop was so slow last night…

And my machine on the water and at Gallagher Beach…

Besides refreshing seals, rings, gaskets, etc what else do you have planned? Waterbox? Dual Carbs?

I love how OG this thing is. They don’t make 'em like they used to.

Love the choice of tow vehicle. Subscribed

Lest we not forget to mention the man-bun too. Lots of win here today.

I’d put new Pistons and rings and hone the cyls quick with a ball hone (as long as they aren’t really trashed). The rotary valve area looks pretty good in the pics so I’d leave it alone. I wouldn’t go crazy raising the compression much, but a conversion to dual mikuni carbs would net a decent gain. Not sure if there is a better pipe/waterbox that might fit from another model… If it is oil injected I would personally keep it and bump up the injection rate by making the injection pump cable tighter… All the issues people typically have with the oil injection generally trace back to the oil injection lines and inline filters. If I were you, and you didn’t plan on splitting the lower case apart, at least look for rust/corrosion in the inside of the bottom end through the top with the cylinders off. If it looks marginal I’d def split it and look/feel the main bearings (ball bearings) it would just suck to get it in the ski and running just to hear a bad bearing grinding away in there…


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Ha, thanks, it does the job well…

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How many of you read the “more power” part of the thread title in Clarkson’s voice in your head?

To be determined…some porting for sure…waterbox and dual carbs, possibly…stay tuned…



Intrigued to see this unfold.

I definitely did lol.

It’s like seeing the phrase… ‘in the world’.