My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


Man, it’s nice to finally start to see something come together. It’s crazy to think that since December, with the exception of probably less than 30 days, I’ve probably worked on this thing 5-7 hours a day, every day. Even when I’m not posting updates, I’m still working. I should have my fender and tank just after labor day.

Mechanical things left to do.
Wiring (very easy)
Brake line (also fairly easy)
Vacuum lines (most likely easy… may need to weld a port on the charge pipe)
Finish oil tank lines. (vent line could be a bitch, but probably not)
Fuel lines (pretty simple)
Make an upper motor mount (have blank from EDM machine, just have to add holes)
Make hand-shift lever.
Get new t-bolt clamps because the ones I ordered from vibrant don’t fit the sizes that they said they would. -_-

This picture doesn’t give a good indication of the color contrasts that exist. It’s not a wall of silver. There are so many subtle shades of brown and gold on this stuff it all just looks so good.


fucking love it dude.


Looks really impressive.


That frame filled up fast haha


This is a motorcycle.



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Made this motormount/ignition last night.


Not that is matters but… Having a acorn nuts would look great in that area.

Great work.

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Not that is matters but… Having a acorn nuts would look great in that area.

Great work.


I agree. But it’s a weird size. I will have to order some. 7/16 unf


i wish i was in buffalo to see this thing in person


Shifter action.

So I designed this:

Then made a flange to bolt it to the transmission and welded it (poorly) on.

Then made this part:

Then I needed a shift knob, so I drew this:

It’s more complicated than you may think:

3D print action:

The clear looks weird in this picture, but it’s normal in real life. Here they are printed and one painted. It’s extra paint from my BMW. :slight_smile:

Put it on the shifter I welded up:

Sorry for the shitty blurry pic, here is is on the bike:


Sputnik shift knob :tup:


Wiring is nearly done, just a few loose ends, so to speak. All connectors (which turned out to be mostly ring terminals) are crimped, then soldered, then heat shrunk… a seeming rarity in the chopper world. The HID ballast is rubber mounted. Battery eliminator installed, fused. Waiting on a stupid brake fitting, then I can wire up the brake light switch.

Made a clamp for the oil lines, found some bulbs that fit in my tail lights. Added some bungs (EGT and wideband) and fittings and vacuum lines. Safety wired exhaust bolts. Lots of little things. Here are some pictures. Put some grips on so I stopped banging my head on the bars. Spark plug wires.

I wish my phone took better pictures.


The only thing I don’t like is the grips, but that’s your style :tup:


Lookin awesome. :tup: I wish some of the pics were a litttttle closer.

Also, I must have missed the oil filter mount, else I just dont remember it.



May change the grips. I was just sick of bashing my head on the bars.


I have some good macro pics of this that I’ve been taking periodically.


The bike looks AMAZING. I think it’s perfectly normal that I have a boner right now.


Vine clip:


Cool pictures, Josh.

I had band practice but did get some stuff done last night. I painted the fuel pump black, as well as the brackets that hold the kick panels on. I polished the fuel pump brackets, then retapped, polished and threw some of these awesome acorn nuts that breetime found onto my unused seat studs.

Then I hooked up a battery to test my electronics, turned on the headlight and it promptly blew. I thought I killed the ballast or shorted out a wire inside the bar, so I went back at it with a multimeter, did all sorts of measuring, almost dragged the wiring back out of the bars and it turned out to just be a bad bulb. Good thing I had a spare. I think it’s too blue, though (even beeng a 4300K or whatever, might toss a 3000k in there.)