My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


Let me know when you want that loom. I tossed it in my car. I might be able to run it out your way after work. I hope you did a SIQQQQQQQ solo for me last night.


I’ll be in the shop tonight if you wanna check it out. Thanks. Text me.


Sneak peak… (I chipped the paint in a few spots dropping the fender down some stairs after I picked it up from paint)… But it’s not too bad and I can deal with it.


That looks really good.


That color looks really similar to the tank of your CB350.


Is the fender still plastic? Looks good.


im pretty sure its his favorite color…the INTENDED color for the GT-R too


:tup: and i don’t even like bikes


but you can clearly appreciate QUALITY



I wanna know what it will sound like.


Originally you said this build consisted of alot of free parts and services…

With all of the custom fab work and one off pieces, what exactly was the benefit of the free stuff to the build?

Or maybe all of this went out the window and I missed it.


its CTN thats the norm.


In for pics of the CB350.


Yeah, I understand that but with how much time and $ is into this project, I guess I was just sort of curious what the benefit of building it for this particular build off is?


i would say the exposure to be able to showcase a build that is so out of the motorcycle/chopper “norm”


Yeah. Most of my free parts and services were not used. I guess it’s just cool to get exposure and be part of something. In really just building it for me and they’re coming along for the ride.


feel free to send some of those free parts out to the OC



Maybe he meant 550?


He did, I was ball-busting @pussypower.